Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lost and Found

Yesterday this little dog showed up at our front patio. He was wearing a cone over his head and he smelled bad! Duncan even said, "Mommy, doggie very smelly." We did not know who he belonged to, so Doug put a temporary leash ( a piece of string) on him and tied him to a tree with a dog house next to him.

This morning Doug went to check on the dog and he was gone. The leash was there and it looked like somebody had removed the leash from him. We think that the dog belongs to our next door neighbour even though we had never seen the dog around before. I am happy that his owner found him because we were thinking of putting Dog Found posters all over the neighborhood.


  1. So nice of you to take care of the dog. I think it was in yesterday's newspaper, one municipal council came out with a competition.

    RM15k for people who help get rid of stray dogs in that area. This competition drew a lot of flak from people. Even this morning's radio talk show, they were talking about it.

    If this is allow, some people might go over to other people's house and get rid of dogs (whether it is stray or not, who is to know). And some people might take this chance to ill treat dogs.

    Just do not understand how they can come out with this idea. Lucky in Western countries this is not a problem.

  2. Here you can go to jail for mistreating your pets! In fact we are not supposed to bury our pets in our backyard. Don't ask me where we are supposed to take them, I guess there must be somewhere.

    If we find strays we can call animal control and they take them to the animal shelter, where they can be put up for adoption. But if after a certain period of time and nobody adopts them, they are euthanized. Kasian but better that way, to keep the stray animals population down.

    I think in Malaysia there are certain groups of people who consider dogs dirty and haram, or noisy they won't mind trying to get rid of the dogs, even dogs that have owners! I remember when they used to shoot the crows in KL/Klang areas .. dirty birds!


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