Friday, September 28, 2007

Love and Marriage

Doug and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary last August. He took half the day off work so he could take me out to lunch. I received a romantic anniversary card, two dozen red roses, and a new pillow. A pillow? He knows my quest for the perfect pillow and thought this new pillow would be the one that will end that quest! How thoughtful of him!

After seven years of marriage and two young children, romance is something that we have to work at. It is easy to get caught up in the daily business of making a living, raising the children, and spending too much time on our individual hobbies instead of spending time nurturing that relationship that brought us together in the first place.

However, I am blessed with a husband who, though not overly romantic, does know how to keep a woman happy. He never fails to give me a kiss before he leaves for work every morning, calls me daily from work, remembers all the important dates, brings cards and flowers, and takes me out to dinner whenever I don't feel like cooking. He shows his affection by giving me hugs and kisses, holding my hands even while he's driving, which I remind him to refrain from doing, and is very considerate when I say, "I have a headache." :-)

Coming from an Asian culture where the women serve the men, I appreciate my husband's help with the dishes, with bathing the children, getting them ready for bed and most of all, his philosophy of marriage being a partnership, each partner mutually serving each other, both working towards a marriage built on trust, respect and love.


  1. romantik nyer... siap hadiah bantal g nya, sounds so cute. hehe... wish u 2 be happy forever and after, Puteri...

  2. wah wah ....munyi ko mr green meh..romantik nya! hehehe...tapi diatu mayuh peda aku,lelaki memang lebih understanding agik berbanding zaman aki inik kitai kelia..Have a good day puteri!

  3. Haha, sigi romantic! Mai bunga, kad enggau bantal sekali! Tapi malang nya bantal nya not the perfect pillow for me ... tadi aku shopping nyau ka meli bantal baru!! Semadi nagang diri! :-)

    Amat munyi ko nuan Pat, kebanyakan lelaki diatu lebih agi understanding tang sekada agi baka zaman aki ini kitai suba! Tapi enggai enda nyadi understanding sekeda laban bini sama makai gaji, sama lelak kerja, so mesti ka tolong menolong ngerja kerja rumah enggai ka lagi kena ban ba bilik tindok! Kekekeke!

  4. Yes puteri that's what I appreciate about my hubby. Initially I don't like the way he has to kiss me before he leaves for work, but now I like it a lot. It's just those small little gestures that show the love.

  5. Bee Ean, I remember what you said about your husband trying to kiss you even before he has brushed his teeth!
    Haha. I am fussy too and don't want to be kissed if teeth have not been brushed yet, or mouth not washed after a meal! Haha.

    Yes, these simple affectionate gestures are the kinds of things that should not be taken for granted.


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