Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Favorite Digital Camera

I bought my Fujifilm Finepix 6.3 mega pixels digital camera two Christmases ago. I bought this particular camera because I was swayed by an ad I saw about that camera on TV. The feature that most attracted me to it was the camera's ability to take good quality pictures under natural light without my having to spend a bomb on a fancier camera.

I take a lot of close-up pictures of the beaded jewelry that I have made and I do not want to use any flash light when I take them. I want the colors of my jewelry pieces to come out as naturally as possible in the picture and I am happy to say that my Fujifilm Finepix does a good job of doing that.

The other feature that is a plus on my little camera is the video function. With a 1 Gb memory card I can take about 14 minutes of video with my camera. The video function is useful because I can take short videos of my kids like on their birthdays or while they are at play outside. With additional memory cards, I can take more videos too.

When I am ready to get another compact digital camera, I'll find one where the video function is in the MP4 format. I can upload the videos to my iPod and also the video files are a lot smaller which make them a lot more convenient to upload to the internet for sharing with friends and family.

I'd love to own one of those fancier cameras like the Nikon D200 Digital SLR Camera. Won't it be wonderful to be able to take pictures with the quality of those taken by a professional photographer? I can just imagine how impressive looking my jewelry pictures will look! For now that fancy camera can only remain on my wish list. Who knows Santa Clause might even read my wish list this Christmas!


  1. Hello Puteri and Doug, hi to both of you. Wow! First time I say 'hi' to a husband and wife team. Normally its to the wives only, *wink*. Ha ha.
    Puteri, you a marketing manager, my diplomatic term for housewife? Why I kaypoh? Everytime I pop in your blog like seeing Carmen Electra in a new dress, you have a new posting. Holy Smoke! You at home while Doug go out make his millions? Thought for a moment you might be a special advisor to Hilary's team?
    Also, you by chance have a P.Eng(MIT) behind your name? The way you so eloquent chat about cameras, SUV's. Others talk about babies or making babies or food and you talk about digital camera technology and SUV's, and not one sentence, mind you, but a forensic 7 paragraph view. Holy Smoke! And me not an P.Eng Engineer, but only a Nr. Eng. behind my name Or in my terms, a 'near Engine'. Arhaaa ha ha. And can add behind my name KSM. No, its not a title by a Malaysian king, it stands for 'kerjah sampai mati'. Ha ha. Just kidding, I stay home fool around the stock market, make a few cents, once awhile dollars provided those guys at OPEC, Mr Laden or Indon Earthquakes don't rattle the markets.
    Hey Doug, you love bikes, huh? Those big 'Lazyboy' hogs? Ahhh, ezy rider style with those soul inspiring sounds, 'potato, potato, potato'. I had 5 bikes when wayyyy younger, Ducati's (2), a Norton 500 Twin, and a Yamaha twin, until when I learned about girls and, ahemm, that one cannot partake on any extra mural activities on a bike. Thats when my 'girl getter', a red MGB came into the story. WhoooHooo! The SYT's (sweet young things) didn't know what hit them, ha ha.
    Doug, you are absolutely right in getting good used cars. Easy on the pocket, insurance, as well keep your bank manager on good diplomatic terms with you. Me too. My previous car was a Mercury Gran Marquis, another monster! Also from an old guy who forgot what bikinis are. Ha ha. Had that 12 years, the milage exceeded Apollo 14's Lunar trip to the moon, ha ha.
    Ahhh, once again we come to my Sarawak escapades, ha ha.
    It is in one of my many faded diaries and notes, a lot in alphanumeric codes as well morse code, this my health insurance just incase my wife does get kaypoh and look inbetween my business plans or meetings or business trip meetings, heh heh. I'll sneak into the locked box one of these days when my wife goes to do up her hair or something, have to decode like FBI. Ha ha.
    Puteri, your fantasy of owning a Nikon D200, have to add another 100. The D300, yes, you read it right, Nikon D300 just popped in the market, like your new posting, arhaaa ha ha. The only thing it can't do is a Harvest dance after heavy tuak drinking. Ha ha.
    It is my fantasy now. No, not a Sarawak maiden, the D300!
    I presently don't own a hand phone nor a digital camera, but a Nikon F601 film camera. I love portrait taking, mostly of our lady friends, housewives who *wink* want to have portraits of themselves to show their grandchildren and who will exclaim, "GRANDMA , IS THAT YOU"? Ha ha ha. I have some of their poses that would make Hugh Hefner congratulate me, arhaaa ha ha.
    You have a nice day, Puteri and Doug. Lee.

  2. Mr Lee!! This comment entry qualifies for a post! How about I copy paste it on my blog body section?! hahaha, saves me cracking my head thinking up a topic to write on!

    You can call me the marketing manager but I prefer the Home Minister title! No such letters as PE or whatever before or after my name! My kids are in preschool, so I have a lot of time to spend in front of my computer. Hubby is at work, wished he was paid millions ... haha. Maybe I am spending too much time because today I seem to be a bit blurry eyed! :-(

    U.Lee you are too modest! A few cents here and a few dollars there? Cannot believe that! If like that cannot buy your wife those Jimmy Choo shoes lah! Heheh.

    What, its already D300 on the Nikon? Tsk tsk. Cannot keep up with new technology/products. This D300 will definitely help your lady friends look their best .. you can use photo editing software to make the improvements! Haha.

    Come on, come on dig out those faded diaries and notes before they become completely blank due to age!! Use whatever techniques to decode them! I am waiting! ;-)

    Ok, motorcycle talk, that's Doug's forte.

    Have a good day, U.Lee!

  3. Hi Puteri, thanks for the compliments wanting to do a transplant of my comment and a bypass into your blog, ha ha. No la, better not. This just my old man got nothing to do on an afternoon because of 2nd earthquake in Indonesia merepek, ha ha.
    Hey, you can always post about Sarawak. That should be interesting reading. I have always love Sarawak and its peoples.
    By the way, my wife thinks Jimmy Choo is my old classmate, shhhhhhh. I married a good one after going thru a 100 plus resumes, ha ha. Just kidding. She not into designer shoes. Thank goodness! Just buy what she sees as nice and cheap.
    And no la, I'm not making money enough to go wandering around Waikiki look at those bikini girls.
    Still having my old Lincoln, not a BMW whatever. Ha ha. Have a nice evening, Puteri. Lee.
    ps, oh ya, Sarawak again? Ha ha. Shhhhh, mrs is around, she'll wonder why I do archaelogy in the storeroom. Satu hari bila senang. I will. Ha ha. L.
    pps, Puteri, take a peek at my Archive April: 'You are not my son'. And June: 'A faded letter from the past'. (This about a matured lady and yours truly, a young man then.)

  4. Hehe, Uncle Lee, I think Puteri may have read all your entries....hehe.

    For me i already did. Simply lovely stories.

    Cameras nowadays is just like handphones, kept on changing to new ones. Not even getting use to the old model already come out.

    Hehe, at the moment i am only using Sony Cybershot 6.0 megapix. Its small and handy to carry around.

    Still new in this photo taking thingy. Pictures i posted for Brunei trip is from this camera.

  5. Haha, U.Lee, I do not believe for one minute that your wife believes Jimmy Choo was an old classmate of yours!

    Aiyah, your old Lincoln is better than my old Dodge minivan lah!!

    Ok, don't forget to go digging in that store room of yours! Still waiting with bated breath for your longhouse installment!

    I have read You're not my son, but not A faded letter from the past. I will read it. Sounds intriguing!

  6. No, Nightwing, I haven't read all U.Lee's entries. I discovered his blog only recently too!

    The Sony Cybershot is a handy camera. My brother has one. It takes good pictures. Ya, too true about new stuff coming out much more quickly than we can keep up with. But I am not the kind who has to have the latest model of anything. The older models are cheaper! Heheh.

    I love taking photos and the digital camera has really simplified things. You don't feel compelled to print the pictures in order for you to see them! I haven't printed any of my pictures recently. Will do them once I get around to putting them in my scrapbooks.

  7. Ya agree with you, digital camera really is handy. And don;t have to worry about bad shots, cause can take until one is satisfied, baru print it out.

    One thing about Uncle Lee's stories, when u read it, it will sort of like transport you back in to those days, and it is as if, you are there to witness what he had written. Great story teller.

  8. Ya, U.Lee is quite the story teller! Always look forward to his posts and comments too!

    True abt the digital camera .. take until satisfied .. no more worrying about films! Wished the digital camera was affordable back when I was in Vietnam. :-( Imagine the amount of pictures I could have taken!


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