Sunday, September 09, 2007


I have been writing paid posts for PayPerPost for slightly over a month now and I have started receiving payments for the stuff I've written. Simply fabulous! :-) You get paid for posts that have been approved 30 days after you have submitted them.

I have not been fortunate enough to have snagged any opportunity that is worth at least $50 that I qualified for. :-( The best I have done so far was a $30 opportunity and that post have been approved. So now I am waiting for the the 30 days to be up before I receive payment for it.

I used to just take whatever opportunity was available but now I am more discriminating. I refuse to take a $5 opportunity where I am required to write 300 words. Nah, I'll pass. However if the requirement is for a minimum of 50 words or a 100 words I'll take it provided I can write about the subject matter.

I love making some money through blogging! :-) I haven't done all that well with my Google Ads though. I don't think I have made more than $20 since I started placing ads on my blogs. Hopefully as time goes by, it'll get better!

Are you making money from your blogging activity?


  1. sigi perkara aku enda entu paham iya nyak PPP tools...iya ngasuh kitai embed sigi Tag ngagai HTML code kitai...bendar aku ngadu,alu enda correct.

  2. Anti blog nuan udah chukup 3 bulan baru nuan re-submit blog nuan. Submit meh nuan diatu, kena rejected meh iya laban bedau chukup 3 bulan.

    Enda ingat aku pasal tools nya .. iya ngasoh nuan paste code kah? Usually paste ba head section html template nuan.

  3. Oopss, salah, script nya di copy paste just before the /body tag ba html template blog nuan. Ujung body template.

  4. dah aku cuba paste...nama agik bisi tanda wrong.

  5. Well done, Puteri and it sounds like you are having quite a bit of fun too! I am totally in the blurr re PPP or any money-making activities via blogging, so zero dollars here. :(

  6. Enda meh aku nemu, Pat. Nitih ka instructions sida dia alai ngepaste script nya .. just before the /body tag.

    Udah disave template nya kutai? Save, publish, udah nya check baru ba PPP.

  7. Rita, sign up with PPP. If your blog is at least 3 months old and have at least 20 posts, your blog qualifies. Being in the US, we have a bigger shot at the opportunities available. If your blog has a higher ranking (google and Alexa), you are eligible for the higher paying opportunities. My blog ranking is low so I am only eligible for the low paying opportunities .. for now good enough! Heheh. It is money after all!

    I signed up with other companies too but so far PPP is the best of them all.


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