Sunday, September 30, 2007

Recurring Dreams

Salian has a blog entry describing a dream she had where she lost her luggage. I left a comment telling her how vividly she remembered her dreams.

I don't remember my dreams very well, maybe because on a typical night I have several dreams and I usually remember the last one just before I wake up. Well, not the dream in its entirety, just some of it.

But there are two dreams that I have had several times before.

The first is about being late for an exam because I didn't know where the exam room was. The strange thing about the dream was that the people in my dream were my classmates from secondary school, and college mates while I was at college. There had been times in my dream where I spoke to myself, "I hope this is a dream, because those groups of people shouldn't be in the same room!" When I woke up, I was relieved that it was only a dream. I would hate to think that I had missed an important exam!

Salian has a book on dreams and their meanings, and according to the book the meaning of my dream is: “A feeling of powerlessness to shape our own destiny may be behind a dream in which we hurry - often late - to…the examination room.”

I can so identify with that meaning! I never graduated from college because I just couldn't get over the final two papers. I must have tried at least four times but each time I failed and the results only got worse! There have been times that I regretted never having completed my course of study, but at other times I consoled myself by telling myself I was not cut out for corporate life, unless of course I was the boss and telling others what to do! The other thing is, I would not be where I am today, if I had completed my chosen course of study and went on to climb the corporate ladder.

As I told Salian, I have moved on to other things in life, and there are opportunities available to me now if I am at all interested in furthering my studies.

The other recurring dream is about being spied upon while in the shower. When I was a teenager my family lived in a housing area provided by Shell, and the last house that we lived in was by a road that was used by many people living in the Malay kampung nearby. The house was quite a large house with two bathrooms. However the window to each bathroom was quite low and anyone could easily push it open and peep into the bathroom. Besides the window with the frosted window panes, there was a fixed "window" with wooden louvres. If you had a mind to, you could peep through those louvres even when the louvres were slanted downwards. I am pretty certain that I was a victim of a peeping Tom or two, and I am pretty certain that I was a victim more than once!

According to the book of dreams that Salian has, the dream “…suggests our anxieties about being ‘found out’ - a common neurosis whether or not we genuinely have anything unpleasant to hide. In Freudian terms, the dreamer may also feel frustrated at not finding a proper opportunity for greater creativity.”

Haha, I don't know about being anxious about being "found out", but I do know the emotions that come with being the victim of a peeping Tom especially while you are taking your shower, are embarrassment and anger at the violation of your privacy!

There is one other dream that I often get when I feel cold. That is being in a body water and feeling cold. For me the dream is merely a translation of the state that I was in. I was not warm enough in my bed, and that led to the dream of being in a body of water. I don't want to read anything more into that!

How about you? What sort of recurring dreams do you have?


  1. dreams...dreams memang pelik.Smetimes ulih nyadi deja vu.Aku kadang2 mimpi perkara yg akan berlaku in the future. sometimes,bisi mai maksud tertentu,nyak meh alu ngasuh kami strike 1st prize meli 4D suba.

    Bisi bala sidak jiran aku,iya selalu bermimpi enggau org laki(tapi iya enda ngelala and she's married) sampai kan bila waktu ka berpisah dalam mimpi,iya akan nyabak alu terdani.Sampai bertahun2 iya bermimpi macam nyak. In the end,iya berubat laban iya enda ulih beranak after her first child.Rupa2 nya mimpi nyak yg ngacau ko org yg ngubat iya.Laban laki dalam mimpi nyak is laki iya dalam dunia antu.All this while iya enda faham mimpi nyak laban iya nadai kisah kan mimpi nyak until it get worse.Semakin hari,semakin takut iya bila mala bermimpi laki yg sama.Pelik.

  2. Hi Puteri,

    Sometimes i also had weird dreams, Earthquakes in miri, fighting in a war, back in NZ, in a plane crash ands etc.

    And sometimes like Pat mentioned, a sense of Deja vu thingy.

  3. Eeee, Pat seram aku ninga mimpi bala sida jiran nuan nya! Manah enti mimpi bisi tau nulong bulih 1st prize 4D! Mimpi aku mimpi nadai bulih penguntung! Heheh, ngachau tindok aja!

  4. Nightwing, ya we all have our share of weird dreams and frightening dreams like being in a plane crash. If I dreamed about being in a plane crash before I board a plane, I would be so spooked that I would cancel my travel plans!!

    That deja vu feeling, maybe it is because we have dreamed that same dream before. That was how I felt every time I dreamed about missing an exam .. it is like a replay, except maybe the people are slightly different.

    Those people who likes to play the nombor ekor, any numbers they see in a dream, they would be guaranteed to buy a ticket or lots of tickets! I don't ever remember seeing numbers in any of my dreams.

    Here's my question for you. Are your dreams in black and white or in color? Heheh.

  5. hehe...not sure, never thought of it. See tonite got dream or not, will check..:)

  6. When I was young, I would get a dream of being chased by a lion very often.

    It would always end the same way: I'd hide behind a chair from the lion and just as it entered the room and started looking around, I'd wake up.

    Haven't had that dream in years... I miss it :(

  7. You missed dreaming about being chased by a lion? Hahaha, I can do without any dream that raises my heart rate or gives me cold sweat!

    But I've had a lot of sexy dreams lately! Haha, dunno if that is telling me I should do more in real life instead of dreaming about it! Haha, my husband would be a pretty happy guy if my dreams translated to reality! Kkekekeke.

  8. Believe it or not, I actually do miss that kind of dream.

    My dreams lately have been very tame - where else other than a dream can I experience that height of fear and then not have to worry about any consequences

  9. Haha, strange way to get your adrenaline rush!

    Last night, I dreamed that I was telling somebody who had really black hair, not to use a strawberry blonde color on her hair. "Look," I said pointing to the dark roots on my hair, "they don't look nice, and my new hair color is not that much lighter than my dark hair!" Hahaha, maybe that dream is reminding me to do something about the dark roots!


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