Friday, September 28, 2007

Road Construction

There's some road work, and drainage clearing going on on our street. They've been at it for three days now and this morning as I drove out of my driveway, I had to wait for a few moments for one of the road crew men to move a front loader off my driveway.

On my way home after dropping the kids at their school, I also had to wait for a few moments because half the road was closed as there were construction vehicles blocking one half of the road on each side.

I couldn't help noticing the crew men though. Three men were in the ditch holding some tools for clearing the ditch, but they don't seem to be doing anything at that particular point in time. Three or four others were either directing traffic or just standing around doing nothing in particular. And these men were husky looking men, none looked scrawny at all.

I was amused because it reminded me so much of the Road Works Department in Malaysia. Unless they are working on a very busy road where work has to be done quickly, two or three would be working, and the rest would just stand around and watch those who work!

I guess whether you live in a country like Malaysia or here in the USA road construction crews are the same!

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