Thursday, September 20, 2007

Soccer better than jogging

Those of you who jog to keep fit, maybe you should switch to soccer for a better workout and better muscle mass! I don't do either, so I won't be changing any exercise habit, or lack thereof! Ahhh, Tai Chi, now that is a different story!

Very soon I will have to start driving my kids to soccer practice! I can see Duncan playing soccer but Denice? I don't think she is the kind who likes rough and tumble sports. But dancing, now she'll love that! She is forever imitating Angelina Ballerina's (cartoon character) moves and telling everyone she is a ballerina.

Here's the story that says soccer is better than jogging when it comes to exercise.

Each period of exercise lasted about one hour and took place three times a week. After 12 weeks, researchers found that the body fat percentage in the soccer players dropped by 3.7 percent, compared to about 2 percent for the joggers.

The soccer players also increased their muscle mass by almost 4.5 pounds, whereas the joggers didn't have any significant change. Those who did no exercise registered little change in body fat and muscle mass.

"Even though the football (soccer) players were untrained, there were periods in the game that were so intense that their cardiovascular was maximally taxed, just like professional football (soccer) players," said Dr. Peter Krustrup, head of Copenhagen University's department of exercise and sport sciences, who led the study.

The soccer players and the joggers had the same average heart rate, but the soccer players got a better workout because of intense bursts of activity. Krustrup and his colleagues found there were periods during soccer matches when the players' hearts were pumping at 90 percent their full capacity. But the joggers' hearts were never pushed as hard.

Full story here.


  1. Hi Puteri, Waaa, soccer now? Puteri, if I date a pretty lady like you, ssssh, just kidding...but the whole night you and me will be chatting about SUV, soccer, who going to win next World cup, which orchids easier to grow in solarium, which skin care good for unmarried women, 8 ways of cooking duan ubi kayu, proper way of using Crest toothpaste, how to install latest computer whatever....
    wa, like this where got time to talk about the moon and stars, or go on Penang ferry enjoy the sea breeze? Duduk my red MGB sports car go round Penang Island at midnight under a blue moon maybe you and me discuss about the twin cam engine and how to tune the carbs increase the power...and forget why we go for a drive. Arhaa ha ha.
    On top of that you have 7 blogs to look after and update. 6 kids, one husband. got any pretty sisters like you? With similar like your talents and your expert 'time and territorial management'? Doug must have been impressed with your resume when he asked your dad for your hand. Ha ha. Just kidding. Fortunately he beat me to it. Otherwise I give him a run, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Puteri, you sure one lady who impress me. Outstanding! Hilary pun kala la. UL.

  2. Haha, Lee, you and your outrageous comments! Ya, if you want to talk about what's under the hood of your car, sure we can talk! Even if I don't understand anything, I can still ask intelligent questions, and you'll be so impressed that you will go and on! Haha.

    I once had a classmate that the other guys in the class didn't like. He was such a boring guy and all he could talk about was this epic love poem that he was writing called Pedestal. Nobody would listen to him except me .. waa, of course lah since I was paying attention to him he just went on and on about his poem and I nodded and uh huh, and asked him questions and that encouraged him more! Haha.

    Next topic, I will be writing about guns. This weekend Doug and I are going to do some shooting at his parents'ranch, if it doesn't rain, that is! Rain is in the forecast. He has this handgun that he wants me to learn how to use! Heheh.

    Aiyah, definitely Hillary cannot compete lah .. nobody would know anything about her if Clinton wasn't in her name! Hahah.


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