Friday, September 07, 2007

Star Muscle - Celebrity Gossip

If you are one of those people who loves to follow Celebrity Gossip, then you will love Star Muscle. At you won't find the run-off-the-mill gossip on your favorite celebrities. You will get the news, the videos, the gossip, and the lies. Lies? Yep, lies, out and out lies! The site is 100% free and do check it out. The following Press Release gives you all the information you need to know about the new celebrity gossip site.

Press Release:

Welcome to, your backdoor into Dirty Hollywood. Star Muscle is a 100% Free site. I know every website says that’s its Free, then they lie to your face, well not me and not here. You are going to get the very best and worst: Star News, Star Gossip, Celebrity Speculations, Celebrity Death Pool, Star Misfortunes, Satire, Comedy, and Out and Out LIES! You are going to get a very unique spin on Hollywood news and even be able to read what your favorite celebrities are thinking, but TOO SCARED to say. If there is a wardrobe malfunction, Starmuscle will be there. If a nipple seems to pop out at just the wrong time…’ll see a closeup of it right here.

So why the name Simple….all the good domain names have been taken and this crappy one was left over. I still have to come up with a catch phrase I guess, like “Flex your Star Muscle”; maybe “Show me the star muscle”; or even “Star Muscle - Paparazzi on Steroids”. The more I think about it, the more cheesy it gets. Let mean anything you want, as long as it keeps you coming back.

I hope you enjoy this website and please don’t spam the comments with useless affiliate links or self-serving links to your websites. We want to keep this site SPAM-FREE and also advertisement FREE for at least one year. This website is rated PG-13 with crude humor, drug references, racial sarcasm, vulgarity, and mild nudity. Please tell all your friends and family that are over the age of 16 to Add it to your favorites and keep coming back.

My name is Zack and you will get a free one way ticket into my twisted brain. I’ll admit it’s scary, but it is a fun ride. I hope you will laugh, cry, and enjoy trashing these spoiled, overpaid, celebrities and help bring them back down to mother earth.

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