Monday, September 17, 2007

Tai Chi

I don't like to exercise but recently I discovered that Tai Chi can help lower high blood pressure in older adults. Older adults here mean folks over 50 years old. I am not in that age group yet but I might as well be one if you take into account my physical condition!

I decided to borrow a Tai Chi video specifically aimed for older adults. I don't know what makes me think that Tai Chi is easy! I got my video last Saturday and today I started learning the first basic steps of Tai Chi. My goodness, all that bending at the knees is hard on certain leg muscles!

I think I can follow this Tai Chi video for older adults. The movements have been adapted for older adults in mind and there are not that many to begin with. I think for me, this is a good start. Tai Chi with its deceptively slow movements does help in stretching all the muscles that need stretching which is a minimum kind of exercise for anyone who wants to stay fit. That is not the only benefit of Tai Chi. Practicing twenty minutes a day dissipates stress and reduces stress-related debilities, increases stamina, and strengthens the body and will.

I have already put another Tai Chi video to the queue of videos in my Netflix subscription. :-)


  1. Hi there Puteri, ya i think Tai Chi is a good form of exercise..for breathing and some other stuffs that helps (the inner body).

    Just got back from Kch yesterday. Grand dad not feeling well, so whole family went down.

    He is a bit ok, but the big C has affected most inner places...we are ok, cause he accepted Christ and was baptised few weeks ago.

    Any way, u have a great week ahead.

  2. Nightwing, I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. It is always hard when the dreaded C affects any member of our family. :-(

    I am glad to hear that he has accepted Christ and been baptised. We'll just pray that God will reduce any discomfort and help him through this hard time. Pray that he experiences God's presence and peace.

    You have a good week ahead too.

  3. Helo, thanks for the kind words. Ya, pray that he will be in peace.

    On another note, my toyota prado (under my name) got stolen yesterday morning. Cousin was using it.

    This morning, my aunty mentioned that some one called last nite and said they could help us get the car back for RM5k. It was spotted in Sibu.

    Did not commit to it, cause whose to know that they might be the same guy or gang who stole it in the first place.

    Will let the police handle it.

  4. Been praying for your grandpa.

    I am sure that the person who called is part of the gang that stole your Prado! Otherwise how did he know you lost your car?!

    One of my brothers also owns a Prado, and people have tried to steal it many times. The would be thieves even managed to change one of the locks so that they could come back and steal it another day. Fortunately my sister in law discovered the loose lock ... Another brother also has a SUV which some thieves also tried to steal but fortunately did not succeed. His car was parked in the hospital car park while he was visiting my father who was hospitalzed .. this was last Dec.

    Must be a syndicate going around stealing these expensive cars .. huh, what do you think?

  5. Helo Puteri, thank you very much for the prayers.

    Ya, i think they are part of a gang.

    Last year when i was in KL, an uncle mentioned that there is a syndicate that do this sort of things. Lets say this month there is an order for 10 Harriers. So they go steal 10 harriers, shipped to overseas.

    In Sarawak, i think most cars go to Indonesia, or timber camps. Really hope these people will get what is coming for them.


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