Friday, September 14, 2007

Would you wear this hat?

Would you wear this hat? It looks like a wok turned upside down with frills on it! I will not even be caught dead wearing that hat! I think women who wear pretty hats look elegant but elegance is not a word I would use with that hat!

I learned to wear hats while living in Vietnam from 1996-1998. Everyone wears a hat or carries an umbrella while under the hot sun in Vietnam. Most people don't wear helmets while riding on their motorcycles but they do wear their hats. So if your hat is not secured properly you can be sure that it will fly in the wind while riding on a motorcycle! It never happened to me because I wore a helmet. :-)

If I have to be out for any length of time under the hot sun here in California I will wear my hat. Nothing fancy but enough to keep the hot sun from my head. In the winter, it is a necessity for me because I can't stand the cold on my head and ears.

I'd like to get a beret one of these days. Wished I had got some while I was living in Vietnam. They were cheap!

So what's your favorite hat style?


  1. Actually, looks like an atmosphere re-entry heat shield on the Viking space craft to me.

    Gave me the imagination she's an alien and entering Earth's atmosphere head first.


  2. You're into the sci-fi stuff you that is what you think it is! :-) Whereas I deal with woks when I cook and that is what I saw! Hahah.

  3. Puteri,

    Flip that gal upside down and she could have some fun in the snow. More likely all the guys would have fun since "upside down" and dresses don't go together well.

    Her hat looks just like the "saucers" we used as kids. Just like snow sleds but you couldn't steer them.

  4. Definitely not the kind of hat that i would ever want to wear. even from the look of the model's face she is not enjoying it.!

  5. Thank you for dropping by! :-) You're right, come to think of it, the model doesn't look too happy wearing that kuali hat!


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