Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2,500 dollar car

Nissan and Renault hope to start selling a car for about 2,500 dollars in India in around 2010 along with their local partner there, chief executive Carlos Ghosn said Wednesday.

"We have already practically decided all the attributes of the car," Ghosn told reporters at the Tokyo Motor Show.

"We have the full intention to do it -- if it's feasible. Hopefully this is going to be 2010 in India," he said.

Ghosn, who heads both Japan's Nissan Motor Co. and its French partner Renault, said he would visit Indian partner Bajaj Auto next week for talks on the car.

Full story here.

Will Proton and Perodua be able to come up with a similar car, a car that many low income Malaysians will be able to afford? Isn't Renault already involved in one of the Malaysian car companies? I don't see why they can't come up with a similar low priced car for sale in Malaysia!

Driving a car is a lot safer than riding a motorcycle. Children being driven to school in cars are a lot safer than being sent to school on a motorcycle. I have seen an adult with two or three kids on his motorcycle. That is definitely not safe!

A thought just came to my mind. If there are cars that cheap available in Malaysia, that means the Mat Rempits can then afford to own cars. Imagine the Mat Rempits menacing other road users in their cars! * shudder*


  1. ish,arap ke bisi meh...aku ka meh meli siti...ila enti anak dah nyambung belajar pun nyamai gak meli sebuah ke sida,nyibuh kiruh ngena bas tauka teksi.

  2. nasib enti bisi! Rega kereta perodua ka mit pen nyau lebih ari patut! Ditu murah amat kereta apa agi kereta terpakai. Enda iboh ngutang meli kereta terpakai, ukai ka baru iga lah. Ditu 2 buah kereta endang minimun for each family.

  3. In Malaysia, any car is dangerous - heck even walking across the roads is a life threatening situation here in Miri. If you can recall the mess that is in front of the Imperial Mall, where there are 4 lanes to cross without a pedestrian bridge and all the cars are trying to weave in and out of lanes?

    Of course, a Proton itself isn't any safer than a big bike, for example. Difference being a big bike you fly off and you have a helmet to protect your head, with a Proton Saga you get pinned and trapped in a mess of metal, glass and plastic in an impact without any head protection.

  4. Oh yes, I owned a Proton before and I can attest to you that the seat belt has a tendancy to disconnect itself whenever you reach forwards at a certain angle and more than once I inevitably unbuckled myself.

  5. Aiyo, so pessimistic, Ian! Heheh, kasian the low income, they also want to won cars. At current prices they can't afford any, not even the 2nd hand ones!

    Ya, when will Proton ever have air bags in their cars?!

  6. Ohh, the seat belt can unbuckle itself?! That is terrible!! No such thing as safety standards in Malaysian car production!

  7. that's a fast reply!

    The belt on mine was probably due to wear and tear more than a design flaw - the car is 15 years old - but then again, aren't these things supposed to last a long time without failure? I now drive an equally old Honda Accord and its belt works as good as ever without problems. It's smoother to pull too.

  8. Haha, ya, fast coz I have my IM on and every reply is sent to my email.

    That's right, just because it is old, doesn't mean it shouldn't still be effective. Could just be a lousy product in the first place.

    Wished I could still use my old Honda Accord. It didn't pass the smog test for my part of California. :-(


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