Friday, October 26, 2007

Benefits of Boiled Peanuts

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - For lovers of boiled peanuts, there's some good news from the health front. A new study by a group of Huntsville researchers found that boiled peanuts bring out up to four times more chemicals that help protect against disease than raw, dry or oil-roasted nuts.

Lloyd Walker, chair of Alabama A&M University's Department of Food and Animal Sciences who co-authored the study, said these phytochemicals have antioxidant qualities that protect cells against the risk of degenerative diseases, including cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

Full story here.

This is wonderful news because I love boiled peanuts! The last time I had boiled peanuts was a few weeks ago when I bought about 1.5 pounds worth of peanuts at the Galt Flea market. I hope next week on market day, they still have peanuts for sale. Three weeks ago I also found jujubes at the Flea Market, something I'd not had since I left Vietnam more than 10 years ago.

Ok, back to the peanut story. A lot of the time whatever health benefit a food has is almost totally gone by the time it is cooked. Boiled peanuts instead bring out the phytochemicals. Too bad that raw peanuts in the shell are not available all year round. Peanuts are so much better tasting when boiled still in the shell.

I wonder if the raw peanuts that are sold in the packets still have the same benefits? The news story does not say if the boiled peanuts are those that are still in the shells or had the shells removed.


  1. I'm so glad I visited your blog today, Puteri. I LOVE boiled peanuts!! Unshelled one are available here all year round but I simply forgot about boiling them. Out of sight, out of mind while dealing with other cravings! I'm going to get some soon. :)

  2. Unshelled peanuts available all year round? Hmm. I have seen raw unshelled peanuts sold any where except at the flea market here. That would be nice to have boiled peanuts any time you want some, eh!


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