Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Contraceptives for 11 to 13 year olds

A middle school in Portland, Maine is considering giving birth control pills to middle school students.

Students at King Middle School in Portland, Maine can already get condoms from their school and now the school committee is considering letting them get birth control pills as well.

The average age of a middle school student is 11 to 13 years-old. King Middle School would be the first middle school in the state of Maine to provide birth control pills.

Children need their parents’ consent to be treated at the school’s health center, but the kids do not have to tell their parents the reason they are being treated. The identities of the children receiving birth control pills would be kept confidential.

According to the State of Maine, 13% of middle school students are sexually active.


Sex happens. Because of that young girls should be given birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies. What is wrong with this scenario?!

In the first place why are 11 to 13 year-old kids having sex? Where are the parents? Aren't they watching what their children are doing?

Why is it the school's business to give out birth control pills to 11 to 13 year-old girls? It is just unbelievable that the school is bypassing parents and giving out these pills behind the parents' back! Why is it ok to give out birth control pills without the parents' consent yet it is not ok to even give tylenol, a harmless pain killer, to kids without the parents' permission?

I am practically frothing at the mouth at what is going on here! Just because sex happens, is there no reason to teach children to abstain from sex until they are adults? Don't these adults who are proponents of giving kids the pill care what the possible long term effects of taking pills this early in one's life?

What adult believes that kids that take the pill is going to be effective in preventing pregnancy? These pills have to be taken daily, and consistently. Kids keeping a routine without being told? Don't make me laugh! Getting pregnant is only one of the problems that these sexually active children will have to face. What about sexually transmitted diseases? What about contracting HPV that can lead to cervical cancer? Is the school going to make it mandatory for girls to take the HPV vaccine next?

Parents, wake up, and take back the control over your young daughters' lives instead of giving it to the school or some government beauracracy by default!


  1. amat tumu sida beberi ke utainya agai budak perempuan. aku rasa umur bakanya baru masuk peringkat akil baligh. budak2 umurnya pun bedau entu nemu utai. mmhhh.. pelik ngau dunya

  2. Nya ka enda nemu utai, kati ko sekeda udah datai kain, tentu udah start jegit! Diet anembiak diatu, ngasoh anak indu, tumu angkat dara! Nya lah alu tumu jegit!

    Udah ga jegit, enda ditagang agi?! Tebalit dunya.

  3. adeh adeh...kalah aku.Aku semadi dah nyadi indai baru aku nemu utai nama contraceptive pills..

    Sebenarnya,perkara bakatuk menggalakkan promiscuous dikalangan anembiak.Enti umur baka nyak dah nemu perkara tuk,what else ila??Abortion??

  4. aku sampai dah belaki tok agik enda ngambik pil nya. datai kain pun umur ka masuk 15 taun. cukup advance nembiak menua nya. rosak akhlak neh.

  5. Org ditu agi mit dah diajar pasal condom, pill, pasal gay sex, kati ko enda nemu? Childhood innocence pen dah nyau. Nya aku semadi ka nganjong anak aku ngagai public school. Ka nganjong ngagai christian school, mar endar ga bayar .. apa boleh buat, ka pen enda ... :-(

    Amat menggalakkan promiscuity meh nya .. laban sida ngasai diri enda ulih ngandong .. ditu undang2 .. enti minor ka abortion tau pegi, enda iboh madah apai indai!! Geram amat aku .. abortion lobby very strong and teachers association ditu very liberal.

  6. Amat rosak akhlak meh nya, chantique. Apa agi enti apai indai enda peduli pasal anak ..tapi bala parents ti ibuh ka anak, nadai ga anak sida baka nya .. menyana ga sida .. mayoh anembiak .. teenagers ba church kami, menyana magang ga sida.

  7. Somehow this is rather depressing news to me


    Kids over here are doing it too at such a very very young age.

  8. Guess, its the same with girls these days, no matter where. In Malaysia you see babies being thrown in tong sampah .. anywhere .. here, girls have access to abortions .. don't cost them anything, except their conscience maybe, if they have any.

  9. Sad sad news indeed. What is the school thinking? There is also the side effect of the pills right? Ya...where the heck is the parents?

  10. i think sigi enda salah enti anembiak diajar pasal sex education tapi disertakan enggau moral values..ukai menggalakkan.Kitai ngajar to prevent not to menggalakkan.

    Lagipun masyarakat di menua nyak udah kelalu open minded so they just dont care apa yg di gaga bala anak.Ngandung ke,beranak ke,abort,nak mampus ke...lantak sidak meh diak

    Kitai ditu pun mayuh bala anembiak baka nyak tapi ukai tegal sekula ngajar tauka apai indai open minded tapi kelalu pandai laban terpengaruh enggau budaya hidup hollywood.Some of them just do it for fun.Baka siko anak bala kami ba kem tuk,just untuk iya reload prepaid phone iya,sanggup iya ngasuh bala rekrut nyium iya,and ngereja suka ati aja ba iya,in the end,iya kena tinggal org baka nyak aja...nadai duit,nadai reload what so ever..sepik asai manga kanji!

    Mayuh meh bala anak dara org ditu baka nyak tang nadai semua...bisi mega mereti...

    nadai ko enggau meh...Yang penting kita anang ngasuh anak kitai terbiar sereta terpinggir.

  11. Sigi enda salah ngajar sex education tang aku enggai nya diajar maya anak aku agi mit, agi bedau nemu utai .. 4 or 5 yrs old, nama utai temu sida?!

    Kelalu balat influence ari hollywood, udah nya peer pressure.

    Baka indu ti sanggup dikerja sida recruit, nya nunda stail sida ba KL, engka iya bisi macha hal nya nya iya terikut ikut. Amat beli nya!

    Enti udah tuai agi enda ngawa, nemu agi berunding, enti udah ka nitih nafsu nya tanggung jawab iya empu .. sida ka 11 - 13 taun ... apu nya nyau ngemesau diri empu! Nadai respect tubuh diri empu agi, ngemiak nya udah nitih nafsu diri empu ... nama penyadi sida udah tuai agi?!

    Kitai ka apai indai enggai enda nemu pengawa anak kitai enggai ka terpengaruh enggau ulah sida ka enda manah.

  12. Is this today's news, Puteri? I hope there is enough public and parental uproar to stop the distribution of pills. And, it shouldn't just be the daughters that ought to receive guidance. The teenage boys need it too, maybe more since they are naturally born to take the lead.

  13. Hi Puteri,

    Thanks for your kind warm wish on my blog.

    To be honest most people in general are getting obsessed with materialism. What with all the hype on tv, tabloids any which way we look!! Just watch MTV for an instance just for an'd be left feeling unsuccessful or rather you have not made it without all the bling bling portrayed by the singers, Baby Bentley, Sports Mercs with special specs, name it. So in general most people are busy pursuing these dreams to the detriment of their own kids. No time to sit down and inculcate good family values in their young kids. Parents don't even delegate now, they totally abdicate from nurturing family values in their children. So yes, this is the outcome. To be honest, it is already a no win situation...unless we get Hilary Clinton to be President and bring back that good ole family touch of a mother back to the USA..ha ha.

  14. Btw, Puteri, obsession with materialism is everywhere. Even here in Malaysia. We are suffering from this disease. Only US is more advanced in everything at the moment.

  15. Rita, I first heard the news on Tuesday and yesterday (Wed) I read it in print.

    Today the news says the School Council has approved giving the pill to the girls. :-( The reason? Three to four girls in the schools get pregnant a year. And? It reduces sexually activity instead of increasing it, says a woman on the School Council. Unbelievable!!

    There was an uproar among parents, naturally. Some parents are against citing religious prohibitions ..

    Guidance? The only guidance they give the boys is, use a condom. Looks like the boys don't like to use condoms even though they are readily available. Now, it is the girl's responsibility .. take the pill. Seriously, this issue is literally gets my goat. Grrrr.

  16. Ruby, you are right about the obsession with materialism. Parents are abdicating their parental duties .. schools cannot take the parents' role when it comes to parenting. Parents are responsible for teaching their kids moral values. I think also the parents themselves were like that (promiscuous) when they were young, and they don't feel they are in the position to tell the kids not to do it ...

    Last night I was flipping the TV channels and stopped at MTV .. they had a beautiful woman, named Tia Tequila, with a group of heterosexual men. Then a group of women arrived, and they were all lesbians. The idea was for Tia to choose a partner .. turns out she is bisexual. Neither the women nor the men knew that either group was coming. They thought they were the only group competing for Tia's affection. What a disgusting show! You see the women fighting over themselves, and you also see the women fighting with the men ... all for Tia's affection! Disgusting indeed! On MTV, no less!

    I stayed to watch it only for a few minutes, just enough time to get the gist of the show. :-(

    With such shows available on TV, and girls gone wild type programming, it is no wonder that girls and boys as young as 11 - 13 are sexually active! All they see is every one seems to be having a good time. :-(


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