Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dance Videos

I am a huge fan of TV's Dancing with the Stars. I think shows like this has generated a greater interest in ballroom dance. I am sure many of us watching the show wished that we could dance like the contestants. We all realized that almost all the contestants had very little ballroom dance background yet with enough practice and coaching they were able to dance so beautifully and so well.

Not all of us are able to enroll ourselves with a dance studio and receive lessons from professional dance teachers but fortunately for us there are dance videos that we can use to teach ourselves a little bit of ballroom dance. Maybe just enough to not make ourselves look like we have two left feet while on the dance floor?

I'd love to be able to do the salsa, and it doesn't look too difficult a dance. Among the dance videos that has is Learning to Salsa Dance. That sounds just the kind of video I need, don't you think?


  1. Puteri,
    Was Marie Osmond in the show too? I saw on TV (Entertainment Tonight) that she was fainted in the show... I watched a couple of the early show but decided to give it up...

  2. Wonder if my gf wants to learn ball room dancing? hehehe.

  3. Cat, Marie Osmond is still in. Mark Cuban, the billionaire was the most recent to get booted out of the competition. This is my favorite TV show! I don't watch any other show .. next favorite one is American Idol.

  4. Nightwing, it is fun to dance when you have a regular partner. I think you can get lessons in Miri. I have 2 friends who learnt ballroom dancing and when they got married, they were able to show off their skills!

    I took some lessons before and also when I was in Vietnam. I can't dance though if my partner does not know how to lead me! Heheh.

  5. I'd like to learn, too, but I think I might be so terrible that I need a live person to teach me. :)

  6. Haha, Angie, I prefer a live teacher teaching me too, but probably the teacher will just tell me to go home and practice by myself!


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