Tuesday, October 02, 2007


We are hiring our good friend, Kathy who is a trained teacher, to help Denice and Duncan with their reading. Denice and Duncan have been in a classroom environment since they were two years old but when it comes to recognizing letters and numbers, they are not at a level which I consider satisfactory. That is why I am getting Kathy to help them bring up their reading skills level. Half an hour every day for each of them.

In order to have a conducive learning environment for the kids, we decided to look for a desk and chairs for them. On Sunday evening we went shopping, and searched high and low for the furniture but didn't find any at the stores we went to. So yesterday I made a special trip to Toy 'R" Us because Doug says he has seen small tables and chairs at the store. I got what I wanted but the table and the chairs needed some assembling. Ok, I think I can follow the instructions and assemble the table and the chairs.

Yup, I managed to put the legs on the table together, but after I was done, I noticed on one side the legs were not facing the way they were supposed to be facing! Heheh. I didn't bother correcting the mistake because in less than an hour, I had to pick up the kids from school. Doug had to correct that mistake later in the evening.

I managed to put one chair together without much difficulty. The only minor difficulty was putting the right screws in the right places. There were three different screw sizes. But with the second chair I put the seat base upside down, and some screws couldn't go in. So I had to unscrew the base and turned it around. But the chairs were assembled in the end! :-)

Kathy and Denice on their new furniture.

I had to hurry with the assembling because everything had to be ready by the time I picked up the kids because a few minutes after that, Kathy arrived. Yesterday was their first reading lessons with Kathy.

I have also ordered some books and materials from Amazon but unfortunately only one of the books is available and is already on its way, and the rest will be shipped when they become available.

Why am I not teaching my kids myself? After all I used to be a teacher, right? Heheh, I have no patience teaching small children, that is why!

So now I have to write more paid posts, and make more quilts to pay for my kids tuition!


  1. sama meh tua,nadai bisi patience ka ngajar miak mit.selalu nya sidak ngadu kerja kdiri,aku macha bup bukai tauka ngereja pengawa bukai.nasib lah steph aku dah nemu mimit-mimit.

  2. Simply lovely...simply but practical use of the table and chairs...:)

  3. Au, amat no patience aku enggau anak aku. Anak aku pen enggai diajar aku. Nadai mood sida ma udah start kena anu! Heheh. Kasih.

  4. Nightwing, yes the table and chairs are very practical. Big enough for them, and small enough to fit into their room without occupying too much space.

  5. hehe. so sweet la bila ninga nuan berabis ka memastikan ur kids education. terserlah keibuan nuan. Suka aku meda. Enti aku bisi anak satu ari nnt pun aku ka ngaga benda yg sama. Ka nyadike Puteri n Pat sebagai contoh. hehe

  6. Ahh, baka nya lah Green. Aku empu nadai patience ngajar anak diri so mesti sanggup ngaji org ngajar sida!

    Pasal assembling table and chairs nya, heheh, trial and error! Jagi ga eh!

  7. tapi aku rasa memang susah la ka ngajar budak2 kecik tuk. sida nda ntu suka ninga utai ko kitai. paling lama sida ulih duduk diau pun 5 minit jak. hehe.. BTW, cantik juga meja belajar baru ur kids nya Puteri.

  8. Sigi amat, anak laki aku endang tusah ka duduk lama. Meda tv aja ulih duduk lama!

  9. hehe.. lucu mai aku ninga. meda tv jak ulih duduk lama. wakaka.. budak2 memang bakanya, nti citer katun ke d minat sida, sampai ke malam pun duduk entap meh sida depan tv. hehe


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