Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Show!

Andre Kole is awesome! That's the only word I can think of when I think of his skills as an illusionist. David Copperfield is the most famous of them all but did you know that it was Andre Kole who devised some of those illusions that David Copperfield became famous for?

For example, the disappearing Statue of Liberty. Andre Kole helped David Copperfield with that particular performance. And last night Andre Kole performed the disappearing Statue of Liberty in slow motion. Andre Kole even had a recording of David Copperfield's voice introduce that act. It was fantastic!

The other famous illusion that David Copperfield did was going through the Great Wall of China. Guess who came up with that idea? Yes, Andre Kole! And last night Andre Kole went right through a female assistant who was lying on a table. He also went through a large box fan. Such incredible performances!! Such a pity that any photograph taking or video taking was totally prohibited. Otherwise I would have a fantastic video to share here! :-)

A few of his great illusions were performed by his son, Tim Kole. He is, of course, much younger than his father, and therefore more flamboyant especially with the female assistant who had some really sexy dance moves around him.

Tim Kole did the pyramid illusion which Andre Kole said he deviced specially for a show in Egypt. The female assistant, who has got to be a contortionist, got into a very small pyramid. Then several swords were poked into the pyramid and even fire was lit near the top of the pyramid when the apex of the pyramid was removed. The apex was put back, swords were drawn out and then the whole pyramid open. Voila, the lady came out in a totally different outfit!

There were other great illusions during the night's show and one of them was of Andre Kole floating off a chair with a large back. A ring of fire was passed over Andre just to show the audience that he was not being held by something from the back. It was an amazing act.

Andre Kole is not only a master illusionist but also a committed Christian. His illustration of Man having 3 parts - body, soul, and spirit - using a lamp which had two layers of shades and the light bulb was really excellent. He then used the light bulb and wrapped it a red handkerchief and put it in a box to demonstrate Jesus wrapped in several pieces of burial cloths and when he opened the box the bulb was gone but the way the handkerchief was left was as if the bulb just disappeared, and what was left was the handkerchief folded the way it was placed initially. This was to demonstrate the miraculous resurrection of Christ. It was a great illustration using his illusionist skills.

After the show, I bought two books and Doug bought one, books that Andre Kole co-wrote. The first is Mind Games, which exposes today's psychics, frauds, and spiritual phenomena. The other book is Astrology and Psychic Phenomena which is a book exposing the practitioners of so called psychic phenomena with lots of relevant Bible passages prohibiting such practices. Doug bought a book called Tricks and Twists, where it shows you some basic magic tricks.

All in all it was the best live illusionist's performance that I had seen. A great show indeed.

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  1. You bought 3 books at the show? I think you meant to say you bought 2 and hubby bought the other. The one I purchased was of magic tricks. It is time to start dusting off my magic skills in order to entertain the kids.


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