Thursday, October 04, 2007

I hate bed bugs!

Several years ago I spent a few days with my aunt and uncle at their home in Kuching. I used to stay with them whenever I had to be in Kuching because they had a guest room that I could use.

One night, while I was in bed, I began scratching myself. Damn mosquitoes, I thought. But I didn't hear any mosquitoes buzzing in my ears. I did not get a good night's sleep that night. My arms were itchy, my legs were itchy and I scratched and scratched myself all night long.

When morning came, as I lay on the bed with my eyes wide opened, I saw something crawling on the covers. I slapped at it, and there was blood. Eeeeeekk, a bed bug! I quickly jumped out of bed and pulled the covers. There were more bed bugs there!

I couldn't wait to tell my aunt about the bed bugs. She was embarrassed and told me that her brothers had been the recent occupants of the room. Their items of clothings must have carried the bed bug eggs or bed bugs themselves and infested the guest room as a result. My aunt removed the sheets and poured boiling water over them to kill any bed bug egg that could be embedded in the sheets. She sprayed the bed with insecticide. I don't know if that worked because I left for home that very day.

According to the Bed Bugs Guide website, bedbugs can be transferred through items of clothings, used furniture, or even from a hotel stay that had an infestation. If you live in a apartment bedbugs from other apartments can crawl between the walls and end up in your apartment and it's hard to totally rid yourself of that infestation unless the neighbors take care of the infestations in their apartments too.

Visit to learn more about bed bugs and how you can get rid of them if you have an infestation.


  1. apu. kertum kan nama tai nya. takut aku ninga. meremang bulu roma aku. so, kati la cara paling efisien puteri dalam menghapusi utai tuk?

  2. Enti pakaian, rebus, awak ka mati abis. Enti around the house and katil, ahhh, tusah nya, laban sida tama kelalu dalam, tang tau dispray ngena insecticide .. mesti ka selalu awak ka abis. Aku enda ingat enti udah bekau nya aku kala bemalam enggau uncle aku agi .. engka nadai agi kertum ba bilik nya.

  3. ka mati pia enti di spray ngena insectiside. aduh.. mesti gatal n pedis neh kena gigit utai nya..

  4. I think ka mati,nitih ka bansa insecticide. Enti gari direbus nya guarantee mati.

    Asai ka gigit nyamuk, gatal, tang darah iya, apu, baka ka meda lintah!

  5. pelaba aku enda kala aku meda kertum...besai ka?selalu aku ninga aja tang aku cuba gak selidik ba belah-belah tilam aku tang nadai kala terpeda.

  6. agi mit aku kelia, bisi kertum ba rumah kami .. selalu bisi temuai ari kampung datai.

    Besai ga kertum nya, bisi mesai lady bird, mina gamal iya baka indu gerenang. Bisa gigi iya, besai ari bekau gigit nyamuk. Eeehh, aku ngenang kena gigit nya pen nyilu!


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