Monday, October 15, 2007


It has been two weeks or so since my kids started with their reading lessons with Kathy. In that short time I have seen marked improvements in their letter and number recognition. I am grateful that Kathy is willing to do this tutoring for me. Like I said before, I am not patient enough to do the job. Kathy is a trained early childhood educator and has many years of teaching experience and, as far as I am concerned, she is doing a far better job than I will ever hope to do.

Denice can even write her own name now, and to me that is a major improvement because just two weeks or so ago she was unable to do it. She still needs to work on keeping the sizes of the letters at about the same size.

I don't think you'll have any trouble recoginizing "Denice" in that handwriting.

Duncan can sort of write his name. His C is sometimes facing the wrong way and sometimes his U and N look very much alike! :-) Sometimes the letters are put in the right order, sometimes they are not in the right order. But you can sort of see all the letters in his name. It is a major improvement though, because 2 weeks or so ago he wasn't even holding his pencil right, what more to say put the letters together to form his name!

Can you make out Duncan's name?

Kathy's tutoring is worth every penny I'm paying her! :-)


  1. wah...enda lama ilak nemu sida iya nulis...Stephanie aku,since masuk tadika,makin cantik tulisan iya laban cikgu strict ngajar sida least aku enda perlu bingung iya masuk darjah satu ilak.Maths tolak tambah pun agak ok gak.

  2. Hehe... best mai meda ur kids dah nemu nulis. tetuchum kediri aku meda tai ke di tulis. nda dapat ku bayangkan how cute their are time belajar kan. hehe.. congrats Puteri..


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