Monday, October 15, 2007

Is that an image of Pope John Paul II?

This fiery figure is being hailed as Pope John Paul II making an appearance beyond the grave.

The image, said by believers to show the Holy Father with his right hand raised in blessing, was spotted during a ceremony in Poland to mark the second anniversary of his death.

Source: Daily Mail

What do you think? I don't know what to think but Catholics do seem to find a lot of images of saints, Jesus and of the Virgin Mary in a lot of things from the grain of a bathroom door, tortilla and even on the side of a soybean oil tank. It is interesting though to speculate that the image in the flames is that of the late Pope John Paul II.

I am not Catholic so I don't normally want to read much into such images. But the Vatican seems to be taking the existence of that image seriously and believes that the image is indeed that of Pope John Paul II. I am sure that the image is only going to help advance the process of sainthood for the late Pope. I am also sure there are many that would consider that a miracle, proof that the Pope was a true servant of God, deserving of sainthood.

I am quite surprised to learn that the Roman Catholic Church, approves and disapproves of apparitions of Jesus and Mary. I found a whole list of Catholic apparitions on a website and on each apparition you can see whether it has been approved or disapproved by the Church.

Whatever you might believe, the figure in the flames does look a lot like the silhouette of Pope John Paul II!


  1. Very interesting website. As a non-Catholic, most of these were new to me.

  2. Hello Puteri, I am back! Wow! You have a new blog header now. Very nice. I am not a Christian, but a Buddhist as well a Sai Baba believer and find the two pics you posted very unusual and interesting. It sure looks like HIM too. Hard to explain or understand all these I guess.
    I was busy looking after, entertaining and taking my gorgeous sister-in-law and lovely niece around past two weeks.
    I made them fall in love with Toronto, ha ha.
    My sister-in-law is 69 and looks more 55. She is really stunningly beautiful with a figure to die for too, ha ha. And quite a few male strangers as well salesladies complimented on her beauty while we explored the malls here. Me too, of course. It sure made her day too.
    And I took close to 120 portrait shots of her with my camera she posing for me in sarongs, black slinky cocktail outfits etc.
    Haven't seen them 6 years too.
    I am now recuperating from the hectic two weeks of being an above and beyond tourist guide and a caring brother-in-law, ha ha.
    Here's hoping you in the best of health, best regards, Lee.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Donna. You have an interesting blog yourself, and what a prolific writer you are!

  4. Hi Lee, good to see you back in action! :-) I commend you on how well you looked after your sister in law and neice! Wished I had a relative that willing to take me around for two whole weeks!

    Wah, will you share the photos of your sister in law in your blog?? Haha, maybe you should ask her permission first!

    Yes, I changed my blog template, again, because I wanted the new layout .. got tired of the extra job required to enter new links to the blog using the classic template.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  5. wah...speechles aku.No komen laban depends on kepercayaan kitai empu.

  6. Aaah... The flaming figure sure look like him... Hard to explain too but probably a co-incidence eh?? Not sure leh... Ganjil bin Ajaib... HEHE

  7. The world is full of mystery. And this one is probably one of them. Something we might never have an answer for.

  8. Ya, Pat, don't how to comment on the flaming figure.

    Cat, Ganjil bin Ajaib, indeed!

    Nightwing, very true about the mysteries we can't understand. How to explain the phenomena, eh? Coincidence, like Cat said? Maybe, and maybe not, eh!


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