Sunday, October 14, 2007

Late Night TV Commercials

Has anyone of you been paying attention to the kinds of TV ads that come on late at night? There are some really strange ads that come on late at night. You get the usual erectile dysfunction products, also jewelry, music CDs, male enhancement products, and some call-a-number-to-hear-some-sexy-talk ads.

I normally take a glass of warm milk before I go to bed at night because I always get very hungry especially when I stay up late, which is normally what I do. While I am taking my milk, I'll turn on the TV and watch whatever I find entertaining.

Imagine how tickled I was one night, as I was flipping the TV channels, to come across a paid TV show where two young women were showing and promoting sex toys. They were so matter of fact in their demeanor, not stiff or unnatural, but actually looked comfortable explaining what each piece of toy is for. I supposed it won't do to have anyone promoting a product that he or she is not comfortable about promoting!

I'd heard about some of the products but have not actually seen pictures of them. I don't quite know how to describe the way I felt when I watched the show, but a word that comes close to describing it is "fascination". I mean, why else would I stay on that channel and not move on to see what else is on TV?

This is a family friendly blog so I have refrained from posting some of the pictures of the sex toys that I saw in the paid informercial. :-)

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