Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My New Toys

Today after my mammogram appointment at the hospital, I stopped by at Best Buy. At the hospital I saw the lady at the counter using a large mouse with a large trackball. I thought it looked very ergonomic. That was the reason for stopping at Best Buy. To get a mouse with a large track ball.

But of course, I suddenly remembered that I needed speakers for my new computer. I saw some good speakers, even some 2.1 surround sound for under $60. Eh, too many wires and occupy too much space! Ok, then I saw this one piece speaker that could fit right under your flat panel monitor, for under $100. Looks good, eh, I thought, but the price! Guess which one I finally chose? Yes! The more expensive one! Heheh.

Then with a boxed mouse in one hand and a boxed speaker under the other arm, I walked over to the TV section. I practically drooled over the wide screen flat panels! But I wanted to check the small flat panels, say the 15 inch flat panel? I saw a few, Samsung, Sharp, Westinghouse, a few others and the Insignia on sale for only $199.99!! That's the same price as the Polaroid that I saw at Walmart last week. A sales assistant came to see if I needed help. Sure, I had a few questions, and after a short conversation, I told him, ok can you please help me bring one TV to the check out counter? All in all, a very short and productive stop at Best Buy!

15" LCD HD TV, Logitech mouse with large track ball, Altec Lansing computer speakers.

This is how a multi-tasker's desk look like!

I discovered that I was able to access the HD channels on TV! I never knew that there were two or three channels to the the regular channel. For example, Channel 6-0, 6-1, 6-2! All I had connected to the TV was the rabbit ears antenna. A pleasant surprise indeed!

What have you been shopping for lately?


  1. wah wah...hehehe..nuan bedau meda meja aku agik...segala macam utai bisi..

  2. Ok...can some one invent a machine that can cook food? That way all Puteri needs is a longer table..and she won;t have to leave the workstation....hehe.

    hmmm...i think can even conduct a war at ur work station....What does ur hubby think about that?...:)

  3. Pat, this table is 6 feet long, and I only just started using it, so it is still not cluttered! But I am trying to keep it as tidy as possible though!

  4. Nightwing, apa lah .. hehehe! Actually can lah, cooking .. I have a crock pot .. throw everything into it and let it cook for up to 6 hours! That is what is called one pot cooking ... hmm! And since that pot runs on electric, can put next to the TV! Heheh. No, lah, must get up now and then,otherwise kena blood clots in the legs!!

    I have a chest freezer next to the desk .. you can't see it in the picture. I have some frozen pizza, some frozen quiche, and some frozen siew mai (?). If too busy in front of the pc, just pop some frozen stuff in the oven!

    So far, Doug hasn't complained. Now he has the laptop all to himself, so no need to fight over it with me now!

  5. That is so cool...wonder when your children asking for their own PC or lap top..:)

  6. Wow! You're a real gadget lady, I see :)

  7. Only when they really have need to, Nightwing! I don't want to get addicted to any of the computer games .. I want them to read more.

    Carin, yes, I love my gadgets! Heheh.


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