Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My New Watch

The watch I won from a blog contest organized by Fellins Gifts and Jewelry arrived today. :-) I didn't hear the mail lady honk her jeep and I was surprised when I stepped out of the house to pick up the kids from school today to see a package on the patio.

Sent by priority mail, and insured!

The beautiful bow around the box with a card.

The business card and the handwritten card that says "Hope you enjoy your watch!"

The actual box that the watch was in. It's a funny shaped, wooden looking box.

The $195 watch nestled in the cream velvet interior.

The beautiful watch on my skinny wrist. I will have to take the watch to a jeweler to remove a few links so that the watch fits better on my wrist. I actually wear my watch on my right wrist but I couldn't take the picture with my left hand! :-)


  1. Nice watch and congrats again...:) Did it came with warranty card?

  2. wow..cantik amai watch nyak.Congrats ngagai nuan puteri :) Join mayuh agik contest,nuan terer ngadu karangan :) hehehe..Untung amai!

  3. Yes, one year warranty. I must mail it back to them.

    Heheh, aku ka enggau contest ti bisi bulih duit enti menang!

  4. Sweeeet! The funny thing is that if it was me I would think it could be a scam..

  5. Grand-looking watch, Puteri. I like faces without numbers, second to the plain ones with hands only. Looks like your lucky days have arrived. Send a dose up-north, will ya?? Haha. Mine still in the dumps - tripped and fell down a flight of stairs yesterday. :(

    BTW, I am also a "watch on right hand" person, and "bag on left shoulder". :)

  6. Ian, I wrote about the company and their giveaway prize, so of course I took the opportunity to win the prize. They had a list of their previous winners, so I believed that they were indeed giving away a watch. Didn't expect to win it myself, though!

    There are scam contests out there, like this Indian guy promising to give away $2000 or sth close to that amount to a random winner of his blog contest. He wanted to improve his Google page ranking, but what he did was set up a blog under a different name and awarded that blog that winner! That pissed off a whole bunch of people! He got his improved ranking but what a way to achieve it!

  7. Rita, my fav kind of watches are those with the hands only .. the round about watch, I call it .. you just have to agak agak the time because you can't be sure .. heheh.

    I am right handed but I started wearing my watch on my right wrist because I used to wear a bracelet on my left wrist. I can't carry my handbag on my left shoulder, doesn't feel right.

    Wait till I win another contest, than I know for sure that Lady Luck has started looking at me favorably! Haha. Then I'll try suggesting she visit you some time!


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