Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Halloween Costumes

Halloween is this Wednesday. I have never celebrated Halloween, and the whole time I have lived in this country, only once have kids knocked at our door for Treat or Trick.

But my kids are old enough now that they are asking for Halloween costumes. After church today we checked out the costumes at the local supermarket. Denice wanted a Princess costume but there wasn't any. There were some animal costumes that could fit them but at the last minute I decided not to get them. We only got a scary looking candy bag for Duncan.

We decided to check the pharmacy next door and see what they had in way of costumes. They were all too big for the kids and we went home with no costume for the kids. I could have bought them the animal costumes but the real reason I didn't get them was I was not prepared to buy them something that they were only going to use once! Heheh, I'm too cheap!

This week is dress up week for the kids. Monday is Hat Day. I didn't see any nice hats except some witches hats. Doug didn't like them seeing that the kids are at a Christian school! On Wednesday they can come to school in their costumes. As in previous years, one or two might come in their costumes, the rest come in their ordinary clothes. Seems like there are other parents like me!

I know this is America and Holloween is a big "holiday" for most people, but I just can't get myself excited about celebrating it. It is not a religious holiday so I don't see the point.

Our church is holding a Harvest Carnival on Wednesday instead of Halloween. There'll be lots of candy, hay ride, free b-b-q, petting zoo and other rides. This is a big celebration organized by my church and it is open to the public. It is a much safer place for kids, and they can get all the candy they want, and have a good time at the same time.

No need for treat or trick-ing.

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