Friday, October 12, 2007

No More Shots!

This morning I took my kids back to the clinic so that the nurse/doctor there could take a look at the result of the TB skin test that was done on both of them last Tuesday.

When we did not take the usual route to school this morning, the kids started asking me where we were going. "We're going to the clinic," I told them.

"No more shots, Mommy!"

"No, no more shots for you today. The doctor wants to see if the shots you got last Tuesday are ok," I told them.

I can't blame them for screaming, "No more shots!" Last Tuesday they each got three shots and on top of that a blood drawing, for some haemoglobin test or other. The poor things screamed and cried, "It hurts, Mommy." Only when they were each given lots of stickers by the clinic staff that they stopped crying.

The shots were part of their well check visit to the doctor. They turned four last May and July. The way schools are today, you have to be up to date with your childhood vaccinations or you will not be accepted for school.

Well, the kids are going to be in for a surprise when I take them back to the clinic next week for their flu shots! My poor babies.


  1. Promise them some nice thing for being good troopers when the time comes.

  2. Sure, I have to promise them ice cream and chocolate cookies, no less! Even then I am not sure if I can convince them that the flu shots are good for them! :-(


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