Thursday, October 04, 2007


This evening while we were having dinner at Denny's I told Doug I wanted a custom plate for my car. "Hey, you can transfer the old custom plate to your current car!" he said. The old custom plate had my business name on it - DC QUILT.

"Nah. I want my brand name on my car. P U T E R I. " I want that name to be associated with me. I want my blogs to come up at the top in Google Search when anyone keys in Puteri."

"Ok. Why don't you make an appointment with DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles) so you can apply for the custom plate? Let's call it an early Christmas present for you."

"Why do I have to go to the DMV? Can't I do it over the phone?"

"You have to fill in some papers, and pay the fee for the custom plate."

"Oh, ok." Tomorrow I'll make an appointment. I think I can do that online. Otherwise I'll give DMV a call to set up that appointment

My blog is not at the top of the search list, but I can't complain because they came in second and third on the search list! And moreover, I only keyed in "Puteri" not the full name of my blog or blogs. Further down the list are more results that are associated with my blogs. :-)


  1. early X-mas present. Take a picture of it once it is approved and installed on ur car. Way to go.

  2. Congrats on google! I want to see your new license plate too. Good luck at the DMV!

  3. Thanks, Sue! Does wonders for my ego! Will most definitely take a picture of the new license plate.

  4. Nightwing, of course I will take a picture of the new license plate on my car! I don't even have to pick it up. DMV will mail it me, like they did with my old custom plate. :-)


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