Saturday, October 27, 2007

Paper Air Planes

Today Duncan asked me to make a paper air plane for him. Ya, I know how to make paper air planes. I made so many when I was a kid. Duncan gave me a piece of paper and I started folding it. After a couple of folds, err, how does this go again? I turned the paper around, folded the edges, and ... Apparently I have lost my skill!! I do not remember how to make a paper air plane anymore! :-(

This is the internet age, right? You can find anything on the internet. Sure enough there are several sites that teach you how to make paper air planes. I found this paper air plane site based in the UK. It is a very good site, with clear diagrams and video too! You would think with clear diagrams and video tutorials I would be able to make at least one! You thought wrong! Why so "bebal" ("dumb" or close to it in meaning)?

Cobra paper plane top view

Cobra paper plane belly view

I finally found one design that I was able to follow. Only because of the video tutorial! I couldn't make sense out of the diagrams! The design is called Cobra Paper Plane. I think I still have to look at the video again if I were to make another one! :-) It certainly is different from the ones I made as a kid.


  1. wah.. cutenyer... teringat plak zaman g mit suba. nyau nyadi sampah ba umah laban kelalu mayuh kapal terbang kertasnya. hehe...

  2. Haha, ni agi ingat nuan chara ngaga paper air planes? Aku bebal amat enda paham diagrams, semadi meda video baru paham mimit!


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