Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pearl Drop Ear-rings for Kitman

The pair above is made of six top drilled white and light peach colored pearls. The bottom pearls are not quite round and accented with sterling caps and swarovski crystals. The other finidngs are made of sterling silver.

Here's a slightly different version of the other pair of ear-rings. This one is made entirely of white top drilled pearls and accented with two bicone swarovski crystals on each side.

Kitman, I hope you like them and hope that they are good enough for you to wear to your wedding reception! That would make me happy! :-)


  1. Puteri,
    They are so pretty! Thanks very much. I really dont know how to thank you in words. I wish you do understand how much I appreciate that! Thanks again! hugggg

  2. You're welcome! It'll be sent off first thing tomorrow (Monday) morning!

  3. Gorgeous.

    Did you drill them yourself?

  4. Feli, those pearls already came top drilled. They are not expensive, one strand only between $5-9, depending on the size.

  5. Thank you, ka kena iya for her wedding reception di Malaysia din.

  6. Doris
    I'm not sure whether you still remember me. The ear-rings for Kitman goes well with my purse which I just posted on my blog. What a coincidence. However, I don't wear ear-rings or carry small purses. I carry audit bag with wheels at the moment. I am amazed that you managed to maintain so many blogs.

  7. Jesi, of course I remember you! I remember sending you some kacang ma to try! Been a while since we last contacted each other.

    I didn't realize you made purses! I can only see one picture, the others don't seem to show up on your blog.

    Well, as to the number of blogs, some don't get updated as regularly as others! Heheh. Hard to really a good job with some of them.

    How come you don't wear ear-rings? I will feel half dressed without my ear-rings! :-)


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