Saturday, October 27, 2007


Before I left for dinner last night two of my blogs, this one and Pemerindang Puteri were at Page Rank 3. When I got home from dinner, Google it seemed, had been busy. Both blogs had dropped from Page Rank 3 to 2! I am sooo pissed!

I don't really care about the the PR of my Iban blog because I cannot do any paid post there because it is a non-English blog. But for this blog, I managed to snag a few opps this week that had a PR3 minimum requirement and a 1 million maximum Alexa rank requirement. Now that this blog has dropped one notch, the number of opportunities will be limited.

It seems that my blog is not the only one that got hit. Even the internet mogul himself, John Chow, has his blog's PR drop from 6 to 4. Several fellow Posties are also bemoaning the drop in their blogs' PR. Has Google penalized us because we are doing paid posts? Quite a few blogs that I know of who had zero ranking before this and have not done any paid posts, have gone up to PR 3.

I have three new blogs that are a little less than three months old each. They have all gone up from PR 0 to PR 2, and its not as if there is a lot of traffic going to these blogs! These blogs are not used for paid posts, well except for the odd one or two paid post opportunities that came my way. My hobby blog had a PR 1 but now it is PR 0! :-( Not that it really mattered on this blog! I post quite infrequently on this blog, but I was happy that it even had a PR. Now, nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.

I wouldn't mind so much or even cared about page ranking if I was just writing for fun. But since I have started writing paid posts, it does affect the potential income from writing paid posts. Pissed, that's what I am!

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  1. jamy from seaykopitiamOct 27, 2007, 6:18:00 PM

    It is not because of paid post.
    The A-list bloggers were penalized by selling links.

    My blog which is self host is PR 3 after 3 months. A lot has to do with indexing. The other 2 blogger platform were rank 1.

  2. I haven't sold any links on my blog. Why is my Iban blog hit too? What's different? Who can fathom the way Google does their ranking? One lady, a fellow PPP, has a blog that is less than 2 months old,and she went from zero to 4. It seems those of us who already had rank all got a hit.

  3. I don't think so, I knew a lot of my friends who got from PR2 to PR4. It all has to do with indexing.
    A few of us (mostly tech savy guys) did experiment on our blogs, we came to one conclusion, indexing.

    When I said sold link, I am talking about bloggers like Darren and the rest. If you read Andy and others probloggers. One of them even have a conversation with the Google people.

    I did not realize it make so much different having PR3. Last night I wrote 2 posts each worths $25 and I have like 9pages of paid post. I am pleasantly surprise.

    More money to buy more gold and silver :)


  4. You could be right.

    Andy got his PR6 back. He did sell links some time ago, but not anymore. I see you got your paid links removed after Google warned about it, eh!

    One of the PPP girls moved from 0 to 4 for a blog that was less than 2 months old. So, I still don't get it. One PR6 guy dropped to 4, and he didn't sell any links either. He wrote paid posts for PPP too.

    So I don't know.

    Some got their blog rankings dropped twice. When Google did the ranking thing, not that long ago, and then just this past few days. Dropped from 4 to 3, and then to 2. :-( Can't explain the rationale on that either. No paid links there either.

    Anyway, if Google drops my PR further on this blog the next time around, I might just want take it off PPP, and resubmit with own domain name. Coz 3, actually 4 other new blogs of mine also has PR2 now.

  5. I don't know much about it but I think it has to do if you page is indexed by google or not and also your traffic.
    I am sure that girl that you said about the PR4, she must know how to indexed her page
    A few of the tech guys got into PR4 after 2mths blogging.
    I am ok lah with PR3 after 3 mths on my own server. Hopefully when I have time I can revamp some of the code and get to PR4.
    A few of my tech friends in my group who started almost same time as me are having PR4. Their indexing is much better than me. I yet to learn. I have problem fixing some of my index file.

  6. "I see you got your paid links removed after Google warned about it, eh!"
    When I started self host, I have contera links but then one of the paid post companies does not allow contera link so I took off. No, I have never have any paid link. And I did not know Google warn about paid links until last Sat when my friend from San Francisco told me Google Ranking finally up. So I read a couple of post only did I know Google penalized paid link. I have no glue about it prior to that. I am not as good as you think . I just happen to have a whole bunch of tech blog savy friends :). In fact, I am just conveying about what they told me. I have no clue of blogging.
    I have text link in my other blogs but they never help me made money.
    Most of my money comes from Google adsense.

    For the moment, I am ok with just writing paid post for a few paid companies. When I have more times, I will look into other means. No times at the moment. School works and gold investment have been busy for me.

    Paid post is a good side passive income because my gold stocks are for long and medium term. I am not a day trader. I buy and leave there for 6 months or 5 years. So in between times, writing paid post is not a bad side income. I just started writing on my self host account last 7 days and I am please with it.

  7. Jamy, you and I know how to use our Google webmaster tools. I can tell you two of my regular readers don't even bother about such things because they don't know about it, and moreover their blogs are also new, yet they are PR 3! They don't do the kind of stuff you do with your blog, all the SEO things, yet they also got PR 3. No, they don't do paid posts. Yours could have been higher eh, if not for paid posts? Who knows, eh.

    I am convinced that the paid post has something to do with it. I think Google considers that the same as paid links. Look at Cat's blog. Hers should be a 3 too based on my two other friends' new ranking, and Cat has a lot more visitors to her blog than the other two! She also does paid posts. She got a PR 2 from a zero.

    Anyway, PPP, is going to use their own ranking soon based on real visitors to our blogs instead of just depending on PR and Alexa.

    I am still pissed!

  8. Jamy, I haven't made much money from adsense, so far only about $20. :-( Better than nothing though.

    Gold prices are way up there eh! Doug's mom does a lot of buying and selling, but I haven't heard her say anything about buying and selling gold or gold mining stocks.

    I don't know how to buy and sell stocks or whatever. Moreover, I don't have the money! hah! :-)


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