Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plan to limit access to the pill

A Portland School Committee member wants to give parents the power to keep their children from participating in a controversial new plan to make prescription birth control available to students at King Middle School.

Benjamin Meiklejohn submitted a resolution Monday, to be considered by the committee on Nov. 7. The proposal would give parents the option to block access to prescription contraception if they enroll their children in the King Student Health Center.

Meiklejohn's proposal also would limit access to prescription contraception such as "the pill" and "the patch" to students who are at least 14 years old.

Full story here.

At least one parent is not going to roll over and flow with the punches regarding the decision made by the school board!

I don't know how successful this parent will be because according to that same news two of the Committee members on the school board who voted for the middle school girls to have access to the pill are not going to vote to reduce that access.

I am still incredulous that the school Committee can make decisions affecting minors without the consent and knowledge of the parents.

As one commenter to this whole business has said, "School Vouchers". If school vouchers were as readily available as the pill and condoms, a lot more parents would choose to take their kids out of such schools which don't seem to care about parental rights over their own kids.

If the School Committee succeeds in keeping their previous decision, I think parents who disagree with that decision should take the school board to court. Parents should never allow their rights to be usurped by a group of people on the school board.


  1. U know i watch Westwing..many times already. School vouchers...what is it all about?

  2. School vouchers are tuition scholarships .. parents can use these vouchers for tuition/fees at charter schools or other private schools, instead of being stuck in the free public schools.


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