Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sardine Puffs

This morning I decided to make sardine puffs after seeing a picture of the sardine rolls that Pat had for breakfast yesterday.

I used one piece of 9" pie crust which I cut into four pieces. I had to trim the edges a bit so they don't look too bad. I rolled the dough from the trimmed edges and was able to make two small skins for the sardine puffs.

This Pillsbury pie crust is really flaky. I like it! I should try making curry puffs using this too.

Good thing I still had one can of sardine in tomato sauce left. I added chopped shallots and chilli into the mashed sardine.

I still don't know how to fold the edges of the puffs properly.

Ta da! Fresh and hot out of the oven! I dusted some beaten egg on the top of the puffs to give it this golden look. I will most certainly try to make curry puffs using Pillsbury pie crust. It saves me time as I don't have to make the crust from scratch! I don't even know where my rolling pin went! :-)


  1. So nice...looking at the pics make me hungry..:)

  2. haha, so now you know what to get for tea this afternoon!

  3. SO yummy, Puteri! Your puffs remind me of the sardine rolls some KL hotels serve at cocktail parties. I know where my rolling pin is, exactly where I put it 4 years ago! Haha ...

  4. Haha, Rita, you mean you haven't handled your rolling pin for 4 years?

    Ya, the puffs were yummy! Must buy more sardine in tomato sauce!


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