Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Save while you shop

When I shop at the grocery store I always look at the clearance items especially at the meat department. I am not too fussy about the freshness of my meats, as long as the grocery store can guarantee that the meat is still fit to eat!

This morning there was quite a large selection of meat that was on clearance. I bought a nice sized piece of pork that was already marinated in peppercorn. I also bought about two pounds of lean ground beef patties, and a packet of Italian turkey sausages.

Italian sausage and beef patties

I also bought 2 boxes of frozen pizza which were on sale. They are handy especially when I don't feel like cooking. Pop one in the oven, and dinner's ready!

I couldn't wait to put the marinated pork in the oven as soon as I got home. I had an early lunch of roasted pork with sweet potatoes, pineapple chunks and sliced tomatoes, and again for dinner.

Roast pork for lunch, and dinner! :-)


  1. Great purchases and YUMMY meal, Puteri. David is like you, zooms in on the clearance meat packages at Safeway. He used to buy just enough for the day's meals but since we bought the Food Saver Kit, he is best pals with the butcher there and comes away with loads on clearance day. Sigh.

  2. Ooops! Forgot to add that I like the new look and brighter colors of your blog, especially the header. Nice!

  3. Recently we bought a chest freezer, so you can imagine, Doug buying all the sausages on clearance! Dave and Doug, same kind of people. Is Dave Scottish? Haha. I married a man with scottish blood, so you know lah ..

    I only eat lamb chops when I can get them on clearance! Haha.

  4. Thanks, I like it too! Been working on it most of the morning and afternoon! :-)

  5. Small world, Puteri! David has Scottish blood from his mom's side, dad is Portugeese. No wonder he LOVES sausages to the extent of making his own. Our freezer is never without linguisa. Having said that David has "big appetite" genes which I don't see in Doug.

  6. Haha,so your David has Scottish blood too! Doug used to say he is so tight that he squeaks!

    Doug tries to control his eating, already he is complaining I cook too much food! He doesn't like to go to buffets because he says he eats more than he should.

    His paternal grandpa died at age 52 of a heart attack, so he doesn't want that to happen to him.

  7. you make me hungry..i hvnt gotten any lunch yet today!

  8. nyum...nyum..nyumm.. sedap mai roast pork nya nti dinikmati. nitik liur aku meda nya puteri. hehe..

  9. Hehe, sigi lapar meda gambar nya Chantique enggau Green!


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