Saturday, October 27, 2007

Small World

Two days ago, I checked my Technorati account to see who has been linking to me at my Pemerindang Puteri blog. I decided to check out the blogs who had linked back to my blog.

One blog was by a strange character who considered herself an activist and was railing against capitalism. Hmm. I don't know what it is about young people who seemed to be infatuated with socialism and found all sorts of evil in capitalism. Has it become trendy to be anti-capitalistic? Or are these young people going through a phase in their lives?

Anyway, my point of this entry: I also followed a link to a blog owned by a university student studying medicine in Yogjakarta, Indonesia of all places. Some of her posts were in Iban and I left a comment on a couple of entries and asked her who her parents were since she mentioned a place where an aunt of mine is from.

I also noticed from her pictures that she looked rather familiar. I thought of a classmate, but I wasn't sure that that classmate could have a daughter of that age. It was possible, I thought.

As it turned out, this young lady was indeed the daughter of my classmate! What a small world indeed! Imagine my former classmate having an adult daughter and I have two 4 year-olds! Haha.


  1. hehehe....anang terkejut puteri :) aku tuk ilak umur nuan kada ka dah bercucu meh...keh keh keh

  2. Enda heran enti nuan nyadi ini tumu! Menyadi aku beranak first child umur nuan nya, udah nyadi ini meh iya!

  3. Wow..indeed a small world...:)

  4. Ya, Nightwing, such a small world! Actually this classmate has been to my blog after hearing about it from her daughters, but she did not recognize me! Haha! I used to be very, very skinny, now I have a fat face!


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