Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday's Ramblings

I love my new computer speakers! I played Duncan's favorite movie, Carz, on my computer and turned up the volume. I couldn't believe the sounds that came out of the speakers. It sounded like I had surround sound speakers instead of the flat panel under my flat screen monitor. As I write this entry, I have Il Divo playing on my computer and the sounds from the speakers don't sound all that bad either. Better than the speakers in my car, most definitely!

~~~ ^ - ^ ~~~

I picked up the book I had requested for at the library this morning. I also borrowed two Il Divo music CDs. I also found two books that Duncan and Denice might enjoy. Both books are by Dr Seuss called A B C, and Hop and Pop. AND, I was delighted to find The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes book! :-) I think I have about two Calvin and Hobbes books that I got from Borders. Probably this book that I just borrowed have some similar comic strips in them.

One thing I just discovered about the library lending policy is that I can borrow up to 50 items at any one time. Isn't that wonderful? Each item is on loan for three weeks and the best thing is I can extend the period by another three weeks (if there are no other persons requesting for any of them), and all this can be done online from home on my own computer!

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Today is Picture Day at the kids' school. The last time they had Picture Day was last April. I still haven't done anything to those pictures and in two weeks I will have another lot! In fact I just gave my mother-in-law some of those pictures taken last spring! Heheh. No wonder my scrapbooking projects are at a standstill!

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This morning I turned on my new TV. It's right there next to my computer, so why not turn it on, eh? I don't normally turn on my TV in the mornings, so except for the regular programs that I know are usually on, I don't know what else is on TV in the mornings. I was pleasantly surprised to see a knitting program, a scrapbooking program and a yoga program on one of the channels. Next time I'll remember to turn on the TV to this particular channel so I can catch some of the crafts programming.

So what about you? How's your day been?


  1. nice...Listening to Il Divo..:)

    I love Calvin and Hobbes...just that so expensive...wonder if they going to have a sale like the one for can only hope...:)

    I hope u will enjoy Adeline's book.

  2. Yes, Il Divo is great! Should make some MP3 files out of those CDs! :-)

    Haven't started on the book yet. Calvin and Hobbes, I started on that!


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