Monday, October 22, 2007

Tri Tip Dinner

Last Saturday evening, Doug and I attended a fund raising Tri Tip Dinner organized by the local Kiwanis chapter. The primary statement that defines the Kiwanis is "changing the world, one child and one community at a time". The Kiwanis are similar to the Lions, in that it is an international organization of volunteers serving the community.

Our dinner tickets for the function were paid for by the Lions Club. The Lions Club, of which we are members, needed someone or two to represent the Club at the Kiwanis function. That was how Doug and I got to attend the Tri Tip Dinner. Even though the dinner was paid for, we still had to pay about the same amount as the ticket prices in baby sitting service! :-)

Throughout that dinner, I felt cold. There was no heating there because the function was held in a big barn out in the country in a small town called Herald, which actually borders the city of Galt. That Saturday, there was quite a breeze and even though I put on my denim jacket over my sleeveless top and light long sleeved sweater, I still felt cold. I was wearing a pair of slippers, which I regretted because my feet felt really cold. :-(

We didn't know anybody there except for Jim and Margaret who had bought tickets to the dinner. Jim and Margaret are also Lions and if it weren't for their presence, that Saturday night dinner would have been one boring affair for me! There was some country dancing but nobody there really knew much about country dancing. Good thing the emcee gave good instructions on what to do! Doug and I did not hit the floor. Nah. I was too cold. Heheh.

The only saving grace of that dinner function was the tri tip. The tri tip served was not bad. I went for second helpings! :-)

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