Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Victim of Splogs

A splog (spam blog) is a fake blog created solely to promote affiliated Web sites, with the intent of skewing search results and artificially boosting traffic. Some splogs are written like long-winded ads for the Web sites they promote; others have no original content, featuring either nonsense or content stolen from authentic Web sites. Splogs include huge numbers of links to the Web sites in question to fool Web crawlers (programs that search the Web for sites to index). The sploggers associate popular search keywords with their pages so that the splog links turn up in blog search results and are sent out as search subscription notifications through e-mail and RSS feeds.


My Health and Beauty Notes blog has been the victim of splogs. I did not know much about the workings of spam blogs until one of my blogs fell victim to these spammers. I do not like the idea of the content of my blog being used to promote these spam blogs and giving them the traffic that should have been mine.

I was quite surprised to find out that there are people who are concerned about the blogosphere being polluted by splogs and have even set up sites where you can report splogs. Splog Reporter is one such site. I have submitted all the sites that used the content of my blog to Slog Reporter.

I don't know what exactly is going to be done with these spam blogs but I hope that they will get shut down!

Technorati is a good place to find out who has been linking to you. If you don't already have an account, you should open one. It is free.

Let's clean up the blogosphere one splog at a time! That is actually the tag line of Splog Reporter. :-)


  1. Apu Puteri, takut plak aku baca entri tuk. Kati simptom2 yg blog kitai dah d jangkiti spam blog tuk Puteri? Aku nda entu paham la.

  2. Same here...please explain..enggai ke ilak terkena ba kami gak :)

  3. Usually content ti dicuri sida nya has to do with popular keywords, baka enggi aku, health insurance. I think altogether 4 splogs ngena content pasal health insurance nya. They will link back to you, tang ukai nya link laban sida minat subject nya, sida ngena content nuan, kena ngisi blog sida .. to drive traffic to their blog and their advertisements.

    Enti nuan bisi muka account ba Technorati, ulih nuan ngecheck sapa bisi ngelink enggau nuan.


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