Monday, November 05, 2007

Christmas already?

I was at Costco this morning and it was Christmas at Costco! There were several lit up Christmas trees, lots of Christmas cards, decorations and Christmas gifts like chocolates and dried fruit already on the shelves.

Then when we stopped at The Report Card, a school supplies store, there was a big wreath on the front of the building. Ooohh, Christmas is here! :-)

I told Doug, maybe we should put up our Christmas tree by Thanksgiving! Hahah, if we did have our tree up, that would be a record for us! I normally have our tree up a few days in December.

This afternoon as I worked on a customer's quilt I played the Christmas songs on my iPod! Ya, ya, I really got into the Christmas mood! Now I feel like taking out my Christmas lights and start stringing them! Haha. My children will be as excited as I am! Haha.

How about you? Do you see Christmas decorations in the stores?


  1. Oh yeah, stores here already full of christmas stuffs... They put it up right after Halloween. I too, can't wait to put up our christmas tree but got to wait for the fresh one, usually 3 weeks before xmas.

  2. Haha, Cat, if the cut trees are available before Thanksgiving I will definitely get one in time for Thanksgiving! :-)

  3. At Boulevard Hypermarket Imperial Mall, Miri, Christmas decorations were already on displayed even during the Muslim Hari Raya festival. Yes,I felt excited about having my christmas tree decorated with lightings and various ornaments too. Couldn't wait to have Christmas season to be here!
    Well, here's wishing you A Merry Christmas! He..he..he..

  4. OOO, that is really early, PC!! Alah kami ditu! Heheh.

  5. Haha..I saw the Xmas decoration but they play the Chinese New Year song..2 week ends ago...:)

  6. Same here Doris..i am so in the mood now..i've been playing the Christmas Carols i'm excited..cant wait to be back for Xmas!!

  7. Haha, Christmas decorations but playing cong xi, cong xi!

    Wah, jeles aku ninga nuan pulai Debbie!

  8. Though I do not celebrate Christmas but I can't wait for Christmas!

    Why? It's the Christmas Sale!



    Take a picture of your tree later and post it ok? :)

  9. Yes, I love the Christmas sales in Malaysia! Last year I was in KL before Christmas. My goodness, the shopping!!

    Here, there are some sales too, but the best bargains are the season clearance sales! :-)

    Yes, I will post a picture of my tree. Every year I post a picture of my Christmas tree. :-)

  10. ha, shouldn't they have the Thanksgiving deco first? Here we just had the la Toussant (the dead day), shops have not yet put up the Christmas deco.


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