Monday, November 12, 2007

Custom Domain Name is now :-)

I had wanted to get a custom domain for this blog for a while now but I was afraid of losing my Google PageRank. You do lose your PageRank with a change in the URL.

But since this blog got spanked twice in two weeks by Google, and its PageRank dropped to 1, I thought this is as good a time as any to switch to a custom domain. I have one other blog which has a PR2, and is approved by PayPerPost which I can still use for the opportunities that require some PageRank.

If you are doing paid posts, a blog with its own domain name gets a lot more respect! Meaning, there are advertisers who only want bloggers with their own domain to write their paid posts for them.

The change to a custom domain name is a win-win situation for me. The domain name is paid for (under $10 a year), and the hosting is still free. :-) This blog is still hosted by Blogger.

I would encourage those of you who do paid posts and your blogs are hosted by Blogger, to spend $10 or less on your own custom domain. You don't have to pay for web hosting. A real win-win situation. The only drawback is you will lose your PageRank. But if your PageRank is still 0 or 1, you might as well do it. Your PageRank will go back up when Google goes around doing the PR think again in 3-4 months time.

If you have linked to my blog, you can change the link URL, or you can just leave it as it is. That old URL still works. Blogger does all the re-directing. Great, isn't it?


  1. what a bargain! Kira affordable lah nyak,less than $10 per year...still cheap compares to most host bukai.

  2. How do we do that, Puteri? I would really like to have my own domain name.

  3. I knew you will come out with something to counter the PR thingy..cheers.

  4. Cat, I will tell you how. Buy your domain name at It's under $10 a year. Their system is set up in such a way that it is easy to point your custom domain to your blogspot blog.

    I learnt how to do it from this guy -

    He has very clear instructions and if you do exactly as he tells you, you will not go wrong.

    Today it took several minutes before the new domain came online. But it did, very easy to do.

    I have two other blogs with their own custom domains and hosted by blogger -

    Want to make more money, do multiple blogs! Hehehe, hard to maintain but not impossible!

    I have 2 PPP approved blogs now, and one is still waiting for approval. :-)

  5. Yes, Pat, you only pay for domain registration. Hosting is free with Blogger.

    Nightwing, ya lor, better start all over again. No point also PR 1 on a blogspot ..better have its own domain name.

  6. Cat, forgot to mention. You have to submit a ticket to PPP, and let them know you have switched to custom domain, that is if everything is set up. They will update your blog records.

  7. Puteri,
    I ni, kurang sikit when come to computer... Change this change that, nanti blog I terus hilang, how?? Ada takut sikit lah Puteri...

  8. Puteri,
    Everithing is blur to me. I must learn up more before I can make any further comment on this. Thanks for letting me find out about the many deficiencies that I have about blogging.

  9. Aiyah, Cat, you won't lose your blog lah. There is only one thing you need to change in your Settings the Dashboard lah. The rest is with your account at if you buy your domain name from them.

    Read the link from and tell me what you don't understand there. If totally cannot understand, I'll do it for you,eh!

  10. Zawi, no need to feel blur! Heheh. What I have written about the domain name doesn't mean anything if you don't do paid posts. I do paid posts (notice some of the posts don't have much to do with real content of my blog? I was paid to write them.)

    What you are qualified to write for via these paid post companies depends a lot on your Google PageRank and Alexa ranking.

    Hey, you should sign up with PayPerPost too, and make some money! US dollars change to ringgit, quite a good income eh. Your blog must be at least three months old before you can submit your blog for approval, to Payperpost for example. Click Payperpost link on this blog to find out more. :-)

  11. Puteri, good idea. I will look into it. If I encouter any problems, I will give you a holler. :-)

  12. Hooi Imm, it is a good idea. Ever since I started with PPP, all my new blogs have their own domain. Like I said I have 3 with their own custom domain now with Blogger, and 4 that are on paid web hosting. So I know what it's like with both platforms.

    There are some limitations with Blogger but overall since it is free hosting, it is an irresistable deal! The widgets available are only going to get better.

    Hey, if you want to do 3 columns for Blogger here's where you can get them.

    Just remember to save the extra stuff you put in the widgets - the ones with codes. Paste the code on Notepad, and also you can save the template code, in case you encounter problems.

    Yes, holler any time if you need help! :-)


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