Sunday, November 18, 2007

Duncan goes target shooting

I've been meaning to upload this video for a while now but had trouble editing it. I finally figured it out and managed to trim the video down to 1 minute and under 100 MB, which is the maximum file size allowed on Google Video for each upload.

When we went target shooting at my in-laws ranch last September, Duncan my 4 year-old son, came with us. He wanted to shoot a gun so much that he cried asking us to let him shoot a gun Finally my husband allowed him to pull the trigger to a rifle and also a handgun. This video is of him and daddy firing a Rossi .22 calibre pump action rifle. Of course Duncan found it thrilling.

Many people fear guns especially guns around children. Doug and I want to take the mystery out of guns and have started doing so with Duncan so that he doesn't have to sneak behind our backs to satisfy his curiosity. We allow him to touch guns, tell him what guns can do, and most of all teach him about gun safety.

I have written a post called The Equalizer on my blog Puteri's Musings 3. That was a follow up to the comments I left on Jamy's blog post called Guns and Liberty. Please check out my blog entry and leave your comments.

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  1. Pama amai Duncan..Hehehe :) Sigi amai,sida senjata api tuk memang ngasuh bulu aku niki..Takut!Tapi this thing nti dikena enggau manah nadai apa-apa..Bisi sekali laki aku mai M16 pulai rumah sekejap masa iya bertugas (pulai sekejap laban kelalu lelak,ka ngirup lok ko iya!Akai!) ish,geli asai ..rawan ati aku meda M16 nyak.

  2. Hehe, sigi iya laban kitai nadai kala. Aku pen baka nya meh suba tang diatu nyau mereti agi. Mesti lah ka belajar pasal gun safety. Naadi tau point the gun sebarang at people, check to see if it is loaded, double check. Laki aku endang biasa tang pasal safety tu iya endang observe.

    M16? Ooh, sapa enda geli meda nya!


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