Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Favorite Hong Kong Actors

I have not thought about my favorite Hong Kong movie stars, stars that I adored when I was a young teenager, in a long, long time. But today a certain gentleman made me think of Ti Lung. You can't think of Ti Lung and not think of David Chiang! Ok, those of you who don't know who these guys are, that means you are way, way younger than I am!

I googled David Chiang and Ti Lung. Then I followed some links that took me to YouTube. What a lot of lovely memories those YouTube videos brought! David Chiang still looked as handsome as ever.

And then I saw a video about Fu Sheng! Fu Sheng, how could I have forgotten about him! He was my idol! I had photos of him, and even bookmarks of him. He was the handsomest Chinese man I had ever seen! Hahaha. I saw every film that had Fu Sheng in it. Used up all my extra pocket money on Fu Sheng movies!

I was so heartbroken when he married Jenny Tseng. He was no longer a bachelor and the thought of him belonging to another woman .... blehhh. And then when he was killed in a car accident, I felt like it was my boyfriend who was killed. I was devastated. So, so sad for weeks afterwards. :-(

Anyway, it's amusing to think back about all the crushes on movie stars and singers that I had when I was a teenager. Oh, to relive those innocent times again! :-)


  1. OK. You and I sama era, Puteri. I wasn't as into Fu Sheng as I was Ti Lung. He had that aloofness bordering on haughtiness that attracted me. Come to think of it, David has that too. Alamak!

    Wasn't David great in "One Armed Swordsman"? At that age, I really thought his arm was cut off and cried buckets!

    The ladies were quite memorable too -- Lily Ho, Li Ching, etc.

    Great post, Puteri!

  2. Haha, Rita, same era, we two!

    I went for the pretty boy looks, that was why I was so infatuated with Fu Sheng. Ti Lung did have that aloofness about him. David Chiang wasn't strictly handsome but he was one fine actor. I enjoyed One Armed Swordsman, too! Heheh, but I knew that the missing arm was just fake.

    I don't remember the female actors that well, except for Chen Chen. She was my favorite! I remember her movie with Mark Lester! Can't recall the name now.


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