Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Way

Is there anyone out there who doesn't know the song "My Way"?

How many versions of "My Way" have you heard. Sure, Frank Sinatra made it famous. After all Paul Anka wrote it for him. And yes, how many of you knew that it was Paul Anka who wrote it? The melody is an adaptation of a 1967 French pop song, Comme d'habitude by Claude François. Paul Anka thought it was a "shitty record" but he thought there was something to it. So much so that he bought the publishing rights to the song. The rest you might say is history.

Shirley Bassey has recorded the song. So has Nina Simone, Gypsy Kings, and even Elvis Presley. I've not heard Sex Pistols 1978 version of the song. I'm afraid to hear it! Have you heard The Three Tenors version of the song? It was great! I also like Il Divo's version. Another great rendition of the song.

Paul Anka, one of my all time favorite singer-songwriters, recorded the song again, this time as a duet with Jon Bon Jovi. Ahhh, Jon Bon Jovi is my all time favorite rocker! :-) I really enjoy this duet which is found in Paul Anka's latest release called Classic Songs.

Here's Paul Anka and Jon Bon Jovi singing "My Way". This is a special dedication to U.Lee, story teller extraordinaire. We miss your blog, U.Lee! :-*


  1. Hello Puteri, wow, you love the 'orang tua mata biru' song, huh? Yes, 'my way' too is my favourite and love to quote, "I did it my way, regrets I have, but too few to mention...".
    Reading your posting, brings to mind his other well known songs, "I'll be seeing you, The very thought of you, Stardust".
    Thats very nice of you to dedicate the song to 'uncle Lee'.
    I'm sure he'll love it.
    Maybe he is in Sarawak drinking tuak and doing a duet with an Orang Ulu maiden 'Harvest dance', one hand on his hip, one hand pointing to the sky, like incik John Toyota in that movie 'hari enam sakit otak'?

  2. Hi Don,

    Yes, I love that song! Heheh, I'm sure your regrets are few, not even worth mentioning, eh!

    You think Uncle Lee is in Sarawak, drinking tuak, and doing the John Toyota dance?! Hahah, this is too funny! Hari enam sakit otak! LOL!!

  3. Howdy....nice one...tonite at my cousin's bachelor party..will sing 'My Way'...dedicated to fans of this song and to Uncle Lee too.

    Thanks Puteri for dedicating the song to Uncle Lee....ya...miss reading his blog.


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