Thursday, November 08, 2007

A play yard accident

Yesterday while at the school play yard, Duncan was fooling around with a long twig. He brandished it about and accidentally poked Jessica in the face, quite close to her eye. Poor Jessica cried because it did hurt her a bit.

The teachers had to leave an injury report for her mom. I did not know that this had happened when I picked Duncan and Denice up from school.

Later in the evening, I received a phone call. It was Jessica's mom. She told me what Duncan had done and how Jessica was hurt. I was surprised, needless to say, because I wasn't informed by the teachers that Duncan had hurt somebody.

Actually it was the school's policy not to mention a child by name if someone had been hurt by some other child. I guess they understood that the act wasn't intentional, and being kids there are bound to be some minor accidents.

Anyway, I felt bad that Jessica's mom felt the need to inform me about the matter. Of course Jessica knew who had hurt her and therefore told her mom. This morning Jessica and her mom arrived at the school about the same time we did. I took a good look at her face, and fortunately there was no sign of injury on her face. I told Jessica to tell the teachers if Duncan was holding a stick and brandishing it about in the play yard. I apologized to Jessica's mom again and to Jessica.

Doug and I talked to Duncan last night and told him not to brandish a stick around in future because it could hurt somebody. I don't want my child to cause any more injuries on some other kid!


  1. Thank God nothing serious happend. Accident does happens..ya...have to remind the children to becareful in what they play with.

  2. Ya lor, have to remind the boy not to push other kids, play with sticks etc.


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