Friday, November 02, 2007

Post Halloween Party

Today my kids and everyone at their school, including the teachers, got to put their Halloween costumes one more time. It was their post Halloween Party.

Coloring, face painting, lots of candy and a picnic.

Duncan had "lightning" painted on his cheek.

Can you see my face painting, Mommy? When I wiped his face, as he was eating his cup cake, he complained that I was wiping off his face painting! Of course I was not! :-)

Denice had a black heart painted on her cheek. She couldn't wait to put her princess dress back on this morning!

Some action songs while waiting for the few who still had to get their faces painted.

After lunch, the kids got to go on this bouncy thing. Err, what are they called? Good thing nobody threw up their lunch!

Duncan moved from the Dragon house to the Castle and back many times. He just had to play in both, even though I don't see any difference in what each offered! Kids!

As for the costumes, I am sure my kids will want to put them on again at home if I don't put them away! Maybe I'll let Denice wear her princess costume till it falls apart. :-)


  1. haa...nyak iya bulih..bendar amai sidak iya bermain..

  2. rindu meda bala nembiak having fun bakatok.

  3. Puteri,
    It's called Moon Bounce. We have one in the play room upstair. Occupied 1/4 of the room.

  4. Hello Puteri, its fun to see kids, and even some adults having fun this way. Your boy has looks that will in 12 years will be breaking hearts,as well make florists retire early.
    And your girl, sure has her mother's exquisite features...and breaking hearts too when older. Bet she will have Salma Hayek's kind of looks when she gets older. Did anybody dress up as Dirty Harry and instead of 'trick or treat' say, 'go ahead, make my night'?
    Rear door Don.

  5. Hi Don, heheh, nobody dressed like a cowboy. One did dress like a pirate, a harmless looking pirate.

    Yes, I am sure Duncan will be quite the heartbreaker, and Daddy says he'll have to ward off the boys from Denice! :-)

    Cheers, Don!


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