Monday, November 19, 2007

Season of Giving

Last night my family and I attended a church function. It is an annual function called Season of Giving.

When we arrived at the place where the function was held, I realized that my camera was not in my bag. The camera case was in my bag but not my camera. Urrghh! So because of that, I do not have pictures taken during the evening's event. I forgot to use the camera on my phone.

Each family attending had to bring a main dish and a salad enough to feed eight people. I brought baked chicken, and baby spinach salad.

It was a well attended function and there were lots of food! Very tasty food! So much food that I brought back my bowl of salad. It was one of many bowls of salad that never got served because there was already more than enough.

I think this year the food choices were so much better than in previous years. Some guy even brought his rather large bar-be-cue pit and served tri tip bar-be-cue at the potluck. Yummy!

The real reason for the gathering, besides the fellowship, was for church members to pick a name or two from the Giving Tree. It is actually a Christmas tree with cards with names of needy children in our town. Each child named on the card had a request for what he or she wanted for Christmas.

This is the card I picked. This girl's request for play make-up reminds me of Denice. Denice would love to put play make-up on if I let her!

About the gifts, we are told to keep the limit to between $40 - $60. I am sure some people will want to give more, but it would not be fair to the other kids who will see that some others seem to get better gifts.

We will have to turn in our gifts by December 12, and our church will organize a special party for these kids where they will get to collect their gifts.

I think the Giving Tree is a very good idea, and I have seen in previous years, several other places doing something similar.

P.S. I had baby spinach salad for lunch and a piece of chicken that was a leftover from last night.


  1. Not bad..the giving tree idea.

    Ya..a cap on the $$ gift is a good idea too..

  2. Yes, I think its a fabulous idea.

    Wished we had something similar back home in Malaysia.

  3. wow.. the evening sounds great.. you must be having fun there.. :D

  4. Lee Chien, ya we had a good time. My kids loved the dessert .. chocolate balls, and fudge.

  5. Yes indeed tree fabulous idea..good deed..

    *baked chicken..meri recipe..i've received recipes from Jane (NZ) last wk..mayuh recipes d kirum iya..tang bedau cuba

  6. Debbie, I baked chicken breast in Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup! :-) Simple aja. Best dempa enggau baby spinach salad. :-)


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