Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Temporary Dental Repair

Some years ago, the crown on one of my teeth fell off after I had bitten into something hard during a meal. I did not have any dental insurance and I wondered if the replacement was going to cost me a bomb.

Moreover I had just moved into the area and did not know any dentist. Fortunately, I found a dental clinic not far from where I lived, in fact it was close enough for me to walk to. But the problem was I had to wait three days before I could see the dentist! Oh my goodness! Meanwhile, what was I going to do about that stump that used to hold my crown? I wasn't sure what kind of damage had been done to that bit of tooth where the crown used to sit on. Every time I had my meal I had to avoid chewing on that side of my mouth for fear of damaging the tooth further.

I wished I had known about a product called Dentemp OS. I did not throw away the crown, which was a good thing. I could have done with Dentemp OS which would have given me a temporary dental repair and thereby save me the worry of damaging what was left of the old tooth before my appointment with the dentist.

Dentemp OS would have temporarily held my crown in place and within thirty minutes I would have been able to eat on that side of my mouth! I mean, I had to wait three days before I saw the dentist! And not only that, when I went to the dentist, she asked me about the crown. I left it at home of course, and she told me to come back again the next day because I could re-use my old crown. That was one more day that I had to wait for my crown to be glued back in place! Where was Dentemp OS when I needed it most?


  1. Hello Puteri, next time if emergency, dentist on maternity leave or eloped with next door doctor, mix abit of Tasek cement and water, open mouth under the sun five minutes, let it harden, ha ha. Just joking.

  2. Hehe, Don, I thought that was for real!! If I used cement,not only will it glued back the crown, probably glued my whole mouth shut too! Hahaha!


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