Saturday, November 17, 2007

Unusual gift ideas

When my son, Duncan, was about one and a half years old, he burnt his forehead on the hot glass door of our gas fireplace. He had tried to take a closer look at the flames and his forehead touched the glass door. Since that incident we have never turned on the gas fireplace when the children are around.

With the Vat 19 Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD we can now enjoy looking at a video of a fireplace on our TV screen without having to worry about the children getting hurt. I think this is a great video especially when we are entertaining during the holiday season and with the Christmas music playing softly in the background.

My daughter loves the Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencil made of recycled newspaper from Vat 19. It reminded her of her favorite bubblegum.

I know what I can do with the Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder from Vat 19. I am going to put a live potted pine tree near the front door and decorate it with lights and some fake snow. We don't get snow in this part of California, and my children will certainly love the look of fake snow on the tree!

There are other great gifts from Vat 19 and one of them is a Talking Photo Album. You can record a 10 second message on each page of the album. What a great idea to have your favorite pictures accompanied by personal messages describing each picture!

Do check out Vat19.c0m for more great and unusual gift ideas!


  1. Puteri, never seen the 'fireplace' before? So hows Duncan nowadays?

  2. Hi Hanafi,

    Duncan is fine. After that incident he used to fear anything that looked hot. He is 4 now and I think he has quite forgotten that incident. Whenever I tell him to get out of the kitchen because I have a hot pot on the stove or a hot oven going, he ignores my warning to leave the kitchen.

    Maybe next time you'll get the chance to see a real fireplace? Ours is a gas fireplace with fake logs. In California we can't burn our log fireplace any time we want in the winter. If the air quality is bad that day, the burning of log fireplaces are banned for that day.

  3. Puteri,
    Duncan is so cute in that picture... Good one to make a Christmas card to be sent to friends and relatives...

  4. Kelly, thanks for dropping by. A cool idea indeed with young kids in the house!

  5. Cat, yes that is a cute picture for a Christmas card but Denice is not in that picture. I think I will take another one with both of them in front of that fireplace video!

    Did you know that that video is a sampling opp from PPP? Yes!

  6. kesian duncan...alu fobia.nasib iya nadai apa-apa...anyway,happy xmas ngagai nuan.

  7. Amat alu phobia meh iya kutai, tang diatu nye enda ingat agi iya! Nadai ninga ma kitai ngasoh pansut ari dapur!


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