Thursday, November 15, 2007

Video: How not to flip over a car

Every now and then Doug would send me a video link. Sometimes I check it out, sometimes I don't. This morning he sent me a link with a note that says, "You'll enjoy this!"

With that kind of note accompanying the link, of course I had to check it out. :-) I invite you to check out the video too, and tell me what you think of it!

How not to flip over a car.

Make sure you don't have any liquids in your mouth while watching it!


  1. OMG!!! That's so funny... Nasib baik tak langgar mamat tu... Phew!

  2. Exactly my thoughts, Cat! Heheh.

  3. hehehe...nyak meh..belik amai pengawa sidak nyak...kekekeke

  4. Heheh, handbrake enda ingat dipasang!

  5. i can't help myself ketawa rakah rakah baka niang mahmud june ba ditu..paloi mat video nya hahaahhahahaa...

  6. Puteri,
    I cant bring myself to laugh over such incidences as it was only fortunate that there was nobody infront of the car otherwise he would have been run over resulting in serious injury or even death.
    In our case it is better to call the breakdown vehicle to do the job professionally thogh it may cost much more than those volunteers.

  7. Zawi,

    You have better self control than I do! I found the whole thing funny, but if someone had been hurt, I won't find that funny.

    Anyway, from the video you can see that the people were very helpful. Just look at the number of people willing to help! But the thing is with their help the car got into a worse situation than before because nobody thought it was going to roll off the hill, otherwise I am sure somebody would have thought about putting the handbrakes on!

    Sorry, I am still laughing at the video! :-)

  8. It's hilarious!

    I'll bet it's gonna be used in safety videos for off-roaders. Just one of those things to expect the unexpected and checklists to go through to minimize damage.

  9. Ian, I never thought about that angle to that video! Yes, off roaders should watch that video, and make sure not to let the same kind of thing happen to their 4x4! Haha.


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