Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Lights

I bought some new icicle lights yesterday and in the evening we put them up. I only four boxes so they were just long enough to cover the front porch.

My neighbour had put up his lights the day before and I thought it was time to put up ours too!

In previous years we only had single strand lights, so this is a lot better looking than before! Nothing to brag about though when compared to the neighbours'!

We managed to keep the kids inside while we strung the lights. They wanted to come out for sure but since it was a little cold, we told them to stay inside.

My Christmas tree in the living room as seen from the outside.

My neighbour in front of us. This is how the lights should be strung right at the edge of the roof. We hung ours from inside! Easier to put up and take down! :-)


  1. Puteri,
    Usually by this time each year the winter storms are hitting and all the lights get drenched and whipped around by the wind. So far the winter has been mild.

  2. Huh, ya, except it started raining today! Haha. Maybe the winter rains have finally begun. One foot of snow expected in the Sierras from this storm system.

  3. cute mai bala budak-budak nuan heheh. mesti seduai nya excited habis

  4. Wah besai amai rumah kitak Puteri.Meriah nampak lampu nya..

  5. Chantique, semadi ditagang diau dalam rumah. Pintu dikebak ngasoh angin chelap tama!


    Pat, sedang2 lah size rumah kami nya! Ka ngaga besai agi dudi ila!

    Sigi meriah lampu baka nya .. enggi kami nya semadi nadai aja! Haha.

  6. Puteri,I also put up outdoor light by myself...but I just took the photo in my new camera,still trying my way to download,sesat jalan,aiyoh!!..btw,hop to my blog to get your cute award...hehehe!!
    oh!..I have a question,I bought 2 domain name for both my blog and I forward to my both blog but it's doesn't come out after 2 days.Do I have to switch my domain in blogger control panel as well??.Thank you first:)))

  7. oh!! did you said you hung your light inside the house??.how ?

  8. Beachlover, I hung the lights under the roof line, not at the edge the roof. Not inside the house lah.

    Ok, about your domain name, at the Total DNS Control Panel in your account at godaddy, you have to change the CNames - www should point to .. that means change those numbers next to the www to

    Also at the Domain Control center click the forwarding tab, and enable redirect - redirect to your blogger account url.

    Last thing is at the Settings in Blogger, switch to custom domain name ... you already have the domain name so no need to check for availability anymore. In the url field for your custom domain name, make sure you put www. before your domain name dot com View site, your new domain name is online.

    It is not showing right now coz you must have not done something right. Email me, if you need further help, and phone me if need be. :-)
    im_puter at yahoo dot com .. my email address.

    Two days already should be showing lah .. the most it takes is a couple of hours.

  9. Puteri:
    Thanks for your fast's really along story how I bought my 2 domain with 2 different my head pusing pusing already setting up my new camera,also another problem..ok...let me email you after I try to work wt control panel .Thanks again..

  10. Puteri:
    I email you but kena kick back..said email my email beachlover1917@yahoo dot com

  11. they look ever so gorgeous! i just love this time of the year, everyone's so happy, merry and its beautiful this time around! you'll get to see houses all lighted up!

    better to hang from inside jugak kan!? you guys are so clever la!


  12. Hi Zaza,

    We clever kah? Hehhe. A lot of work to hang the lights from the edge of the roof. When you hang them from the inside beam, Doug doesn't have to use a stepladder. Also makes the taking down easier.

    This time of year is indeed a beautiful time of the year. I hope to see Christmas time in downtown Manhattan one of these days! I hear it is really beautiful there!

  13. Puteri,
    We also had the same christmas light hung on our porch... Just had it done today... Waduh, so tiring... Back is killing me.

  14. Hi Kak Puteri,


    Over here, not practical though, huh? The weather cukup panas di...No need to add to the heat...

    But thanks for sharing the pics...Feeling all warm and cozy inside me now...

    Oh, by the way, is that Denice in the picture?

  15. Cat,

    Still waiting to see your christmas lights pictures! :-)

  16. Daphne,

    The two kids in the window are Denice and Duncan. Despite the cold weather Denice likes to wear dresses during the day and short sleeves pajamas to bed.

    In Malaysia, you see all the colorful lights strung out during Hari Raya and not so much during the other festivals, except the malls and hotels. Here, in some neighbourhoods everyone participates and what a pretty sight those neighbourhoods are. People from outside the neighbourhoods would drive around to look at the Chrismtmas decorations outside the homes. Not so much in my neighbourhood though I have noticed some homes who went all out to decorate the outside.

    Very, very pretty time of the year! :-)

  17. Nice one thanks for sharing.

    Any Christmas deco competition?

  18. Nightwing, I don't know about any competition, but some neighbourhoods they just love to go all out! The whole neighbourhood .. like some big pesta going on there! :-)

  19. Puteri,

    Your kids always have nice smile in your photos. They must be so happy to see you light up the house. :-)

    I have no mood to decorate our apartment. I was hoping that hubby won't make the Christmas Tree but unfortunately he brought some home from his dad today. I'm tired of cleaning those falling leaves everyday.

  20. Haha, Bee Ean, I just leave those needles alone till I cannot tahan looking at them any longer than I sweep them up!

    Some more my kids like to go too close to the tree and squeeze against the wall next to the tree! So more needles come off the tree.


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