Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Presents

On Christmas morning, the kids woke us up, telling us that there were bikes in the house! :-) Daddy bought the bikes but Nana paid for them. They couldn't wait to take the bikes out of the house as soon as all the other presents had been opened and checked out.

Denice couldn't wait to open this particular present because there was music coming out of it. It was a child's keyboard.

Denice with her keyboard and Duncan with his radio controlled truck.

Uh huh. A radio controlled truck for him.

Tearing away at the wrappings and packaging.

A set of toy tools for Duncan.

A Transformer toy from Auntie Penny.

A pair of rubber boots from Auntie Penny.

A Princess sheet set for Denice.

A microphone that is supposed to work at a particular frequency using your radio, but so far Daddy hasn't managed to get it to work.

A bike helmet each for the kids. Denice found her helmet too tight and she refused to wear it. The shape of the helmet is not meant for an Asian kid's head. Asian heads are generally flat in the back. Daddy wants to write to the manufacturer asking them why their helmets did not cater for Asian heads! :-)

Elbow and knee pads to go with the helmet.

What about Mommy? What kind of presents did Mommy get? Mommy got some cash from PaPa and Nana, and Daddy gave an IOU ... cash, so Mommy could get whatever she likes! My idea of gifts! :-)

Mommy gave Daddy a set of after shave cologne, and that's it! Heheh. I wanted to get Daddy an electric shaver, but he beat me to it!

How was your Christmas and what kind of presents did you get? :-)


  1. Hello Puteri,

    What wonderful presents. Wow! Bikes from Nana. That's awesome.

    You clever girl Puteri..CASH!! Cash is king! I don't mind some myself..ha ha! In fact I think we should ban presents in kind. It must just be cash as most times I do receive items I already have or I don't fancy having..sigh! Or otherwise please give the items with receipts! Right dear? Ha ha.


  2. Puteri, amai steady nuan bulih cash. u can get anything you like. btw, glad to see double D's excitingly muka hadiah sida ya.

  3. Wow, Ruby, that's a great looking avatar!

    Yes, the kids were excited that they got bikes. Couldn't wait to ride their bikes as soon as they got home from school yesterday even though it was cold and windy outside.

    Yes, I love cash gifts! And my in-laws are always very generous! Heheh. Most people give the receipts together with their presents so that recipients can return them and get something they really want.

    The day after Christmas is busy with after Christmas sales and people returning their presents! I thought it strange when I first saw this phenomena.

    Happy New Year to you too, Ruby!

  4. many gifts for Denise and Duncan.

    I didn't get any gift from hubby
    :-(. I got hubby a brief case since his old one is falling apart.

    But then, we are not big gift givers. We don't even give each other gifts on Valentine's day, birthdays or anniversarys. Is that bad or what? :-)

  5. I pun suka CASH jugak... Hadiah yang I nak boleh beli sendiri kan..?? Glad you had a good Christmas.

  6. Coki, cash gift paling best, oii! D&D gaga amat bulih presents ngemayoh nya at one time!

  7. Aiyo, Hooi Imm! No gifts on Valentine, birthdays and Christmas? So kasian! Better start the tradition now leh, so your daughter can learn to receive and give gifts too! :-)

    For birthdays and Valentine's Day, I don't mind cards and flowers, and of course dinner! Haha. On Doug's birthdays, I get him a card, then I "take" him to dinner at a restaurant of my choice! Hehehe.

  8. Cat, I already spent some of my cash gift today! Bought myself another pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. Still looking around for the best deals on what to spend the rest of my Christmas money on. I usually like electronic gadgets but this year, I don't know, nothing tickles my fancy. What I really want is a big screen HD LCD TV but you know lah, that is over 1 k! So gotta wait some more for it! GPS toy, nah, let Doug buy that!

    What did you get, Cat?

  9. Puteri
    what a nice present your kids got!!..Hmmm cash,I like cash too,can buy the stuff l Love rather than something not my style but afraid to said no good or so so..After that hubby merajuk...then habuk pun tak ada baur tau!!hahaha!!
    Happy New Year!!

  10. Haha, Lesley, true, takut org merajuk then end up with nothing! Haha. Doug got me a gold bracelet one year, but it was way too big for my wrist! To this day I have never worn it! Need to have it cut, to make it shorter.

    This year, I guess he just doesn't know what to get me, so give me cash instead. My in-laws, they always give big ang pow, so can't complain there!

    Ya, my kids are very happy with their presents.

  11. Hi Kak Puteri,

    Wow! Cool gifts!

    Forgive me if I missed something, tapi Denice and Duncan, are they twins?

  12. Hi Daphne.

    Yes, the kids thought their gifts were cool too!

    Heheh, guess you missed the whole story about Denice and Duncan. Duncan is my biological son, and Denice is his second cousin whom I adopted. Denice is my cousin's baby, born in Malaysia, and brought back to the US when she was 1 year old. My mother took care of her (on my behalf) after she was born and we officially adopted her when she was 6 months old. She is two months older than Duncan. Guess, you can say that I am practically raising twins!

  13. Hi Kak Puteri,

    Patutlah, one like black hair (and looks Chinese), and one like brown hair (and looks campuran)...

    I asked about the twins cos well, both same height! Haha...Lame reason, I know...

    I tried looking for the story on Denice's adoption (under Puteri's Musings search button), but cannot find lar...I tried 'adopt', 'Denice', 'twin', 'cousin' and a few others...Takda...

  14. Haha, Daphne, people ask us all the time if they are twins!

    Denice looks Chinese because her biological father is Chinese, and my cousin is Iban, like me la.

    I mentioned about her adoption in my other blog (PM2) during the National Adoption Month in November. Sometimes I used "anak itik" in reference to her being adopted esp in my Iban language blog.

    If you use the Google search at the top of my blog, that is quite useless. I don't know why it doesn't do a good job of searching my blog. The other search button almost at the bottom of the side column works better.

    So now you know! Haha.

  15. HI Puteri,

    How was Christmas??Mesti meriah! Aku bulih selipar ari kakak ipar aku and kawan iya.hehehe...

    Dah tuk lagik ka pulai kampung..Nyambut Taun Baru Ba Din...Besides,malas ka ba rumah dirik empu laban enggai ke org ka minjau kereta...tadi dah bisi tanda-tanda org ka meminjam...Susah susah diau ba kuarters.

  16. i agree with Puteri..same with me..each time i ask for big CASH for my pressies..even on my birthday..ahha so that i can spend for something i like.

  17. Puteri,

    Lately I also prefer cash. Infact, these past couple of years, my hubby seldom buy me presents. Just give me cash and I am one happy lady. As Ruby said, cash is King.

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you. Hope 2008 will be a better year for all of us.

  18. Pat, Chantique, and Nana, yes, cash is the best gift of all! With that cash gift we can choose what we like to buy! No one gets upset and best of all as the recipients of the cash gift we are happy too! ;-)


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