Monday, December 17, 2007

Cookies and Sambal

A package came in the mail for me today. The mail carrier said to me, "This doesn't look too good. You know that liquids should not be put in the mail?"

I immediately noticed the packaged was from Beachlover. "Err, these are cookies, and she never said anything about sending anything liquid! Oh, I think it is a paste! It's just the oil from the paste." I don't know if the mail carrier understood what "paste" I was referring to! :-)

Hey, Beachlover, your sambal leaked lah. I imagined maybe the the bottle you had put it was broken! Haha, good thing it was just the oil that leaked through the non water tight lid. All the sambal was still in the container! Ooiii, so sedap and pedas!

Look at these cookies that Beachlover made for me! All using whole wheat flour! I told her I was watching my diet, and whole wheat flour was the best when you are watching your blood sugar. The cookies sure taste different with whole wheat flour! Haha, so used to eating cookies made of the plain old flour and lots of sugar.

Ribbon cookies made with whole wheat flour. Yummy! My kids loved them too!

Almond and pineapple cookies, also made with whole wheat flour! Loved the pineapple flavor in the cookies! Reminded me of pineapple jam tarts!

Chocolate raisin cookies, also made with whole wheat flour! Really good! Kids loved this too!

I was able to eat one cookie before dinner and two cookies after dinner, and my blood sugar reading was excellent! I had lamb risotto for dinner and two cookies, of course after that!

I can't wait to use Beachlover's sambal with my shrimp! I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Thanks again for the cookies, Beachlover. Your thoughtfulness in baking the cookies to suit my diet is very much appreciated!


  1. OMG!!!.Puteri,I'm so sorry about the leaked!!.I never send sambal b4,so I have no idea how it's should pack..I know if I didn't poke a hole on the lid,to let the hot air out,the whole lid will pop away..but I shouldn't do on long distant delivery..How about the rest of the item??.I hope they are not oily..or can be save...anyway,it's really fast that you have received it today..our USPS really hard working...3000 miles within 2 days sudah sampai and on weekend too

  2. Beachlover, everything ok, the cookie tins got wet, but the socks and the pillow covers did not get the oil! Hehe, lucky! The ribbon cookies cellophane packet broke but cookies ok, dry. So no damage actually, just the packing box. Mail carrier said it smelled garlicky! Hehehe!

  3. Sambal? how did that that in the airplane?

  4. Wah, special made cookies from beachlover to you ya... You're so lucky.. HAHA!

  5. Desmond,

    That sambal came in the mail from Long Island, New York! :-) A fellow Malaysian made it for me! Nyamai amat!

  6. Cat,

    Ya so lucky!! Some more the cookies were specially made for a diabetic! Heheh.

  7. Puteri:
    I'm glad the rest of items are OK..I'm still busy running around for last minutes shopping.Nanti,I need to reply your email..I'm worried you don't like the cookies bcoz it's my first time baking wholewheat..I eat one piece,I think the Splenda make my mouth so dry,not use to it..glad you like it:))

  8. They taste good considering no sugar except for sugar substitude in it!

    Hey, your sambal tastes great with shrimp!! Next time must teach me how to make it!

  9. amai bisi org nganjung cookies ke iya..Hehe..Anyway,have fun and merry xmas!


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