Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to having some PR

Puteri's Musings has a rank! It's not PR3 (where it was before it slipped to zero) but I'm not complaining that it is now a PR2! Woohoo!

I'm also happy for my friends who have regained some ranking. I was not aware that Google was going around doing the page ranking thing in January. I thought it would be February before they'd be updating the page ranks.

Anwyay, this PR thing is only of interest to those who try to earn some money through blogging. Unless of course, you want to show the blogosphere that you have a blog that has some PR! :-)


  1. you are so lucky!! I had mine slapped to 0 :-(

  2. congratulation on your PR2!!..that is really awesome!!..Thanks alot for your encouranging too:))

  3. Shireen, I am sorry to hear about your google slap. :-( It is just so unfair!


    Beachlover, eh, you got your PR too! Great, eh!

  4. Congrats, Puteri! I have no idea what this PR stuff is all about but remember you pissed with the ranking earlier.

    I hope your rank keeps escalating. :)

  5. Thanks Rita!

    Ya, I was pissed about the loss earlier but it seems google has deemed it fit to restore, at least some of my ranking.

    Your blog has a PR1 ranking last I checked. I have a installed a tool on my browser that allows me to see the rankings of sites on the internet.

    No, this ranking is no big deal for most people, except for those of us who are trying to make some $ from our blogging. What is available to us depends a lot on our ranking.

    I don't know about my rankig escalating coz I don't get that many visitors to my blog! :-) Haha.

  6. I have a rank? Woohoo!

    Another question, Puteri. Do you get different ranks for all your blogs or are they tied together as one? Does having more than one blog improve your visitor count or split them up?

    I ask because I just read an article on blogging tips where the author discourages setting up too many blogs. I am thinking of creating one to share my event management tips and thought I should ask my expert friend. :)

  7. Rita, woohoo, you have a PR! :-)

    Each blog/site has its own ranking. None of them is tied to the other blogs or sites that you have. However if you use a sub-domain, or a sub-folder in your main domain, that will indeed split the rank. For eg I have blog located in the sub-folder of the main domain - I regretted ever putting it in a sub-folder. That blog is considered established so I will leave it as it is.

    Re the too many blogs thing, I think is has a lot to do with maintenance. What is the point of having too many blogs when you can't update them regularly? Hehe, seems like I am not heeding that advice! The point is to build one blog up really well with quality content so you'll get lots of visitors, which in turn will bring your PR up.

    Many people have more than one blog because of the subject matter they are writing about .. they may want to keep one blog focused mainly on one subject and the other one a rojak one .. err, I have several rojak ones! Haha.

    I encourage you to set up another blog dealing mainly with event management tips. I'd like to learn from your tips! You might want to buy a domain name for that one, a name that is more relevant to your content. Blogger can still continue to host it free for you. One article I read said that when he bought his own domain for his blogger hosted blog, all his rankings went up! Read this informative article -

    I learnt to change to my own domain name using this guy's tutorial. I bought my domain name at godaddy. My blogs are hosted by blogger and on

    If you need more info on getting a domain name, and how to use it on blogger, let me know! ;-)

  8. Thank you very much for the information, Puteri. I will certainly check things out.

    I have been sharing what I learned in event management over the years but on individual basis with anyone who asked. Since age is catching up, I thought I should pass on the knowledge gained from working with some of the world's best.

    Thanks again and have a good week ahead, Puteri.

  9. Rita, I am looking forward to that new blog of yours!


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